Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TLACult.com Announces Nominees for 2011 TLA Cult Awards

Greetings Mausoleum visitors! TLACult.com have announced the nominees for the 2011TLA Cult Awards. I am pleased to say that McBastard's Mausoleum  (hey, that's me) has been nominated in the Best Cult, Horror or Exploitation Website or Blog category - this is our first nomination of any kind so I'm super-thrilled about it. We're alongside other phenomenal sites like Motion Picture Massacre, The Witch's Hat, Blood Type Online and Killer Reviews among others. I'm pulling for Motion Picture Massacre and The Witch's Hat in the website/blog category. Vaughn and Root Rot are legends and fucking awesome on top of that, just good people who I've been privileged enough to correspond with in some fashion or other. Just to stack the deck and to offer a bit of transparency here's who else I'm voting for. My only criteria was that I had to actually watch the specific DVD/Blu-ray release for each category. There were a ton of great titles but some just slipped by me. That's just more to watch at a later date.

- Best Cult Movie DVD - Synapse Film's VAMPIRE CIRCUS DVD/Blu-ray Combo
- Best Cult, Horror or Exploitation Blu-ray - Blue Underground's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD Blu-ray
- Best Modern Exploitation DVD  - Vicious Circle Film's SOMEONES KNOCKING AT THE DOOR
- Best Classic Exploitation DVD - Shout Factor's HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP
- Best Taboo Erotica DVD  - Mondo Macabro's SINNER: THE SECRET DIARY OF A NYMPHOMANIAC
- Best Mindfuck -  E1 Entertainment's TAXIDERMIA
- Best Value Pack/Multi-Feature Set - Shout Factory's THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE COLLECTION

Thanks to TLA Cult for the nomination, these cats are a great online retailer for all your cult, horror and exploitation DVD and VOD needs so get off your lazy ass and vote HERE! Details are below...

TLACult.com Announces Nominees for 2011 TLA Cult Awards

DVD Retailer Allows Fans to Vote for the Best of the Best in Cult Cinema

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 1st, 2011 – TLACult.com (www.tlacult.com), an online and direct mail DVD and VOD entertainment retailer specializing in unusual cult, horror and exploitation cinema, announced today the nominees for its annual TLA Cult Awards. Nominees include Cult, Horror and Exploitation films released on DVD and Blu-ray in the last 14 months, as well as noted Cult, Horror and Exploitation-themed blogs and websites. .

“Sure, there are other awards given out every year, but none is as fundamentally awesome as ours,” said Dan Reed, Managing Editor of TLACult.com. “Our nominees tend to come from the insane fringes of cinema that leak out onto DVD and Blu-ray every year and most don’t get a lot of notice from other award-granting organizations. You won’t find any rich British people overcoming disabilities amongst our nominees… unless, of course, you consider vampires pretending to be circus performers to be a disability.”

Categories in the 2011 TLA Cult Awards include Best Cult Movie DVD Release; Best Cult, Horror or Exploitation Blu-ray Release; Best Horror DVD Release; Best Modern Exploitation DVD Release; Best Classic Exploitation DVD Release; Best Taboo Erotica DVD Release; Best Mindf*ck; Best Value Pack or Multi-Feature Set; and Best Cult, Horror or Exploitation Website or Blog. Voting is open to the general public and votes can be submitted at http://TLACult.com/TLACultAwards. Nominees were selected by TLA Cult’s staff of dedicated, sun-deprived movie nerds. Winners will be announced on April 15th, 2011.

"If you like gore, grindhouse movies or sheer cinematic weirdness, you should vote in our awards, If you read cult, horror or exploitation movie-oriented blogs, you should vote in our awards. If you like voting for things in online contests, you should vote in our awards. Not only will you be reminded about some of the best cult movies to come out on DVD or Blu-ray in the last year or so, but you may also find out about some totally insane movies that you’d never heard of before. Really, there’s no reason for anyone not to vote." added Reed.

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