Friday, May 6, 2011

Full Moon announce 'The Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt' and two more features

Full Moon fresh off the limited theatrical launch of 'Evil Bong 3D - The Wrath of Bong' have announced three more title going into production that includes the sequel 'Killer Eye 2 - Halloween Haunt'. as well a deformed mythical creatures and sex-crazed zombies - what's not to love?

Full Moon Press Release:

Full Moon is starting production on 3 new feature films!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we're super inspired and excited about these unique productions!!!!!!!!!

They are: KILLER EYE 2: HALLOWEEN HAUNT! Our killer horny eyeball is back as a replica size hypnotic monster that terrorizes 5 hot chicks as they set up a Halloween haunt in an old mansion!

UNLUCKY CHARMS: Four super deformed mythical monsters are called upon to extract revenge on a group of beauty contestants shooting a reality TV show!(see descriptions of our 4 characters below!) And THE DEAD WANT WOMEN! This title says it all! Our first living dead movie in ages - and these dead simply want women!!!


FARR DARRIG: a strange dwarf with a bright red beard. His clothes and hat suggest those of a Leprechaun, but not green....instead bright red

BANSHEE:  An old female hag with straw-like hair and milky-white eyes, dressed in rags, her mouth seeming much larger than it should

a hideous hobgoblin with long sharp claws and wicked needle teeth

BLOODY BONES: A one eyed Cyclops with a necklace of bones not quite stripped of bloody flesh

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