Friday, March 2, 2012

TLA Cult Awards Nominations Announced for Annual Celebration of Cult, Horror and Exploitation Cinema

It's with no small amount of humility that I say for the second year in a row this blog has been nominated for a 2012 TLA CULT AWARD - that's fucking awesome, pure and simple. I say with humility because I started this blog a year and half ago really just outta boredom, it's just me fucking around in my spare time with no real agenda or grandiose ideas of film knowledge or critical analysis. I watch a film I like or I don't and scribble a few words about it and to be perfectly honest not particularly well either.

Along the way I've been lucky enough to find a few readers, get some feedback and receive a few screeners for the trouble, and guess what - it's really no trouble at all. Writing about cult, horror and exploitation ain't exactly hard work, it's a cinematic adventure that just so happens to go great with a few tasty brews after a hard day's work when my kids fall asleep.

It's a goddamn cliche to say it but it really is an honor just to be nominated in the BEST WEBSITE/BLOG/PODCAST/WHATEVER category with the After Movie Diner, Bad Movie Nite, Cinesploitation, Couch Cutter, Daily Grindhouse, Grindhouse Cinema Database, Horror Extreme, Horror Society, Killer Reviews and especially Vaughn from Motion Picture Massacre Podcast, just an awesome dude. I listen to and/or read everyone of these sites/podcasts on a regular basis, compared to me they're fucking scholars of subversive cinema, they eat sleep and breath it nightly, the essence of grindhouse cinema seeps from their pores and I don't pretend to be the rightful heir to this award but just to be nominated, to receive some modicum of recognition, well I don't mind saying it fells pretty fucking sweet.

I'm not saying vote for me (VOTE FOR ME!) but vote for someone and definitely vote for some of the awesome cult, horror and exploitation DVD/Blu-ray titles up for awards this year, some pretty tasty stuff. At the bottom of the post check out the categories and titles and follow the links to check out my reviews for the titles.
Nominees can be viewed and votes can be cast at Voting is open through April 1st, 2012 and winners will be announced on April 16th, 2012.

TLA Celebrates Underground Film with the TLA Cult AwardsNominations Announced for Annual Celebration of Cult, Horror and Exploitation Cinema

Philadelphia, PA March 1st, 2012 – Movie lovers recovering from a long award season have one more celebration of cinema to look forward to, but, this time, there aren’t any adorable dogs or 3D orphans in sight., the cult, horror and exploitation arm of legendary Philadelphia movie retailer, has launched the 2012 TLA Cult Awards and this year’s pack of nominees is a rag tag bunch of mind-boggling cinematic delirium.   Eschewing typical award fare, TLA’s programmers ignored the multi-million dollar “indies” and Hollywood pictures celebrated elsewhere and instead focused on the oftentimes strange, more oftentimes sexually graphic films that cult movie enthusiasts come to to buy. The TLA Cult Awards include categories for Best Cult DVD, Best Grindhouse/Exploitation DVD, Best Artsploitation DVD and Best Taboo Erotica DVD among others.  “Look, we’re not trying to knock the big movie awards. They even managed to nominate one or two good movies this year,” proclaimed Dan Reed, Managing Editor of, “But there’s a lot more moviemaking going on out there that’s getting almost completely ignored by the mainstream. Our nominees include a sexploitation flick about a man whose body is infested with ants, a movie from the ‘70s about the sexual benefits of smoking marijuana, a horror movie done entirely with puppets and, of course, A Serbian Film. These movies may not have been made to target affluent urbanites with advanced degrees who consider themselves cultured, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some recognition.” Nominees were selected by members of TLA’s editorial and purchasing staff and were limited to DVD and Blu-ray releases from 2011. TLA also has a category, Best Website/Blog/Podcast/Whatever, that honors bloggers and other web personalities who help celebrate underground cinema and help keep cult movies alive. Nominees can be viewed and votes can be cast at Voting is open through April 1st, 2012 and winners will be announced on April 16th, 2012. “Our awards are for those with a taste for the weird and the shocking. Most have very small budgets and even smaller marketing campaigns supporting them. Many of them are in what polite society would call bad taste. But, we’ve got no interest in hiding our passion for these twisted, underground flicks. Sure, there are a lot of financial pressures on the film industry right now and that’s doubly true for small filmmakers on the margins, but every year there are more and more of us who love these films coming out of the woodwork and showing our passion. We see voting in these awards as one more way that fans can show their love for underground film.”  TLA Entertainment offers the very best in home entertainment offering a vast catalog of movies for every type of consumer, from quirky Independent cinema to outstanding Cult and Horror movies to Gay and Lesbian films and the hottest in both Straight and Gay adult entertainment.

2012 TLA CULT AWARDS NOMINESS (follow the link to read my reviews)

Antfarm Dickhole
Hobo with a Shotgun
The Puppet Monster Massacre
Satan Hates You
Twilight Dinner
Whore Angels

Aphrodisiac The Sexual Secret of Marijuana
Exotic Malice
Sex and Black Magic
The Sex Merchants
To Be Twenty
Wide Open

Bloodlust Zombies
Don't Open Till Christmas
Little Deaths
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Captive Audience
Jessicka Rabid
Slaughter House Babes
They All Must Die!

Dirty Diaries
The Housemaid
Now and Later
Room in Rome
A Serbian Film
Student Services

The Basement: '80s Horror Collection
Girls, Guns and G-Strings: The Andy Sidaris Collection
Lethal Ladies Collection
Mr. Skin Presents Women in Prison
Uncle Farts' Dirty Movie Theater
The Women in Cages Collection

Basket Case
Embodiment of Evil
The Exterminator
Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
El Topo

After Movie Diner
Bad Movie Nite
Couch Cutter
Daily Grindhouse
Grindhouse Cinema Database
Horror Extreme
Horror Society
Killer Reviews
McBastard's Mausoleum
Motion Picture Massacre