Saturday, September 22, 2012

DVD Review: TRIPPIN' (2011)

TRIPPIN’ (2011) 
Label: Camp Motion Pictures
Region: 0 NTSC
Rating: Unrated
Duration: 88 mins
Video: 16x9 Widescreen 

Audio:  English 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital Stereo
Director: Devi Snively 

Cast: Zed Wilson, Heathyr Clift, Ken Dusek, Jr., Nicole Buehrer, Jake Perry, Lindsay Robertson 
Tagline:When Good Buds Go Bad

Synopsis: Told from the perspective of the sole survivor, six friends road trip to a remote cabin in the woods with deadly results. A year later, the survivor meets director Devi Snively in a bar and offers the rights to his story for a case of beer and a role in the film. Trippin’ is that film. So prepare yourself for a little sex, a little gore, some good and bad times with some good and bad buds.

The Film: Here at the Mausoleum we are always pleased to see a Camp Motion Pictures title come through the office, usually what we see from 'em are bloody good indie features with tons of camp, gore and hilarity and Devi Snively's  Trippin' (2011) did not disappoint, it's a wickedly funny riff on the tried and true cabin-in-the-woods trope with stoner humor and sweet sweet irony and while that surely elicits a groan from certain factions I say look beyond the rote synopsis and sit back with a brew and enjoy.

We get a typical cabin-in-the-woods scenario as three young couple head out to a remote... cabin in the woods, of course!  We get a nice selection of stereotypes, the prudish stick in the mud (Jizz), her good guy boyfriend (Jeremy), the free-spirited slut (Holly), her stoner boyfriend (Zed) and a young punk rocker couple Joey and his obnoxious girl Martha. It's good time smoking weed and drinking brews in the van on the road that is until some weird shit starts to happen beginning with what may be a severed arm laying on the side of the road, which Martha and Joey choose to ignore. Then it's a game of truth and dare that escalates when one of the young ladies flashes her titties at a redneck pervert in the truck behind, turns out he might just be a serial killer with a bloody corpse rolled up in a carpet in the bed of his truck.

They make it to the cabin with relative little incident aside from a growing sense of paranoia and some in-fighting - it seems no one really cares for Jeremy's new girlfriend who is just a major prude and shits on all their drunken shenanigans . The real trouble starts at the cabin when around a campfire Joey tells the tale of a nut by the name of Eagle Eye Johnson whom it is said to have gone insane and skinned his wife and now is known to stalk the forest nearby.  The campfire tale mixed with the rampant drug, weed and brews really ramps up the groups paranoia following the encounter with the tail-gating might-be serial killer.

I really felt for the character of Jeremy who's in a bit of a pickle, his girlfriend is a total straight-arrow and everyone is down on her but he tries his best to play devil's advocate for both sides, but it's not easy. He's a horny guy and Jizz is a prude with a heart condition - but she tries to please up her man with a toothy blowjob in the bathroom, that is until a frog jumps outta the toilet and scares the cock right outta her mouth. Jizz just destroys the intrusive amphibian with a toilet plunger until it's nothing but a blob on the floor. Afterwards the group come together for dinner but druggie Joey has spiked the pasta with quaaludes sending most everyone into a state of unreality and then the shit really hits the fan when jealousies, sex, nudity, infidelity and fun cat fights ensue. Add to that the arrival of the might-be serial killer and that Davy Crockett-looking motherfucker Eagle Eye Johnson you're in for some bloody good fun.

This is a damn funny film with some witty writing and decent acting, it's a dialogue heavy horror-comedy and the writing is pretty sweet. As a horror film we do get some decent gore but I definitely could have gone for a bit more of the grue honestly but the comedy is just spot-on. My favorite scene is a Zed's heavily medicated trip that alternates between some lysergic visuals, fun animation and puppeteering. Zed's quite a character, paper thin in the character development department, but a sweet mixture of Scooby Doo's "Shaggy" and Clerks' "Jay", a real stoner's stoner sorta dude.

DVD: The anamorphic DVD transfer looks very nice for a low-budget horror, there's definitely some love in the composition though it's a bit workmanlike but not without it's moments. Colors are vibrant, details is acceptable and black levels while not inky black are nice, too. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo and 5.0 surround sound quite good if not overly an immersive experience, dialogue is crisp and the score/soundtrack sounds good. The great find aside from the feature presentation here is a collection of seven Devi Snively short films, fun stuff, definitely left me anxious to check out more of Snively's films ASAP. We also get a behind-the-scenes featurette and a trailer vault. This low-budet horror comedy gets a well-stuffed 2-DVD release, pretty typical of Camp Motion Pictures they've given fans a real treat of a release.

Special Features:
- “High Hopes” - Trippin’ Behind-the-Scenes (10:31)
- “Welcome To Deviant Pictures” (7:30)
- “CZM! Making of a No Budget Zombie Flick” (28:05) 4x3
- Devi Snively Short Films Collection:
Teenage Bikini Vampire (6:56) 4X3
Confederate Zombie Massacre (15:52) 4x3
Raven Gets A Life (9:33) 16x9
Death In Charge 
(14:52) 16x9 
Meat Is Murder (9:03) 16x9
I Spit On Eli Roth (5:09) 16x9 
Last Seen On Dolores Street (3:35) 16x9
- 10 Camp Motion Picture Trailers

Verdict: A fun stoner-horror take on the cabin-in-the-woods/campfire tale idea that riffs all the right notes for the most part, the characters are one note but the comedy is strong but not in an over-the-top sorta way, with some really nice horror elements. Definitely a fun watch that should appeal to fans of Kevin Smith comedies, stoner horrors like The Tripper (2007), Shrooms (2007) and Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2011). 3 Outta 5