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Shout Factory's Summer of Fear line-up shaping up quite nicely as the Summer along. A bunch of great stuff including some early 80's awesomeness with Blu-rays of EVILSPEAK and FINAL EXAM licensed from Code red DVD with new extras. We've seen the slasher-shocker SLEEPAWAY CAMP gets a sweet new transfer and there's still a ton of great stuff on the way. There's a Blu of MOTEL HELL and WITHOUT WARNING making it's first-ever home video release here in the US EVER! 

At this point I am really looking forward to THE FINAL TERROR and WITHOUT WARNING - these two are high on my list but I am also salivating at the forthcoming Blu-ray of LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE - a very underrated haunter. 

Check out the artwork and extras for all the titles and there are pre-orders through at the bottom of the page. 

EVIL SPEAK (1981) 

Release Date: May 13th 2014

Life sucks for Stanley Coppersmith (Clint Howard, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School), a teenage outcast who’s bullied by everyone at a strict military academy. When Stanley discovers the crypt of a 16th Century Satanist beneath the chapel, he creates a computerized Black Mass that unleashes unholy revenge upon his tormentors. Now, all hell is about to break loose! Co-starring Joseph Cortese (American History X), Charles Tyner (Cool Hand Luke), R.G. Armstrong (Children of the Corn), Don Stark (That ‘70s Show), Lenny Montana (The Godfather), Richard Moll (House) and Haywood Nelson (What’s Happening), Evilspeak is not for the faint of heart.

Prior to its U.S. theatrical release, the distributor of the film requested that the graphic violence be cut to avoid an “X” rating from the MPAA. The film has been completely restored from a newly discovered 35mm inter-positive source including all of its long rumored scenes of bloody carnage. This new edition includes all-new extras including a new commentary by producer/director Eric Weston (Hyenas).

Special Features:
- New interviews with actors Richard Moll, Claude Earl Jones, Haywood Nelson, Loren Lester and Lynn Hancock
- New 2013 1080p High Definition transfer supervised and approved by Eric Weston
- Audio Commentary with producer/director Eric Weston
- Interviews with cast members Joseph Cortese, Clint Howard and Don Stark
- Theatrical Trailer

FINAL EXAM (1981) 

Release Date: May 13th 2014

At Lanier College, the semester is almost over. Exam week is coming to a close when some upper classmen play a prank by staging a phony terrorist attack. But the next moment of excitement at the school won’t be a prank. And it’s something a lot more final than an exam. Students are falling prey to a knife-wielding maniac stalking the school, bent on making sure that for some, school is out…forever!

Special Features:
- New 2013 High Definition transfer From The Original Camera Negative
- Audio Commentary With Cast Members Joel Rice, Cecile Bagdadi And Sherry Willis-Burch
- Interviews With Cast Members Joel Rice, Cecile Bagdadi And Sherry Willis-Burch
- Theatrical Trailer


Release Date: May 20th 2014

It is 1850 in the beautiful, perfectly-kept town of Wismar. Jonathan Harker is about to leave on a long journey over the Carpathian Mountains to finalize real estate arrangements with a wealthy nobleman. His wife, Lucy begs him not to go and is troubled by a strong premonition of danger.

Despite her warnings, Jonathan arrives four weeks later at a large, gloomy castle. Out of the mist appears a pale, wraith-like figure with a shaven head and deep-sunken eyes who identifies himself as Count Dracula. The events that transpire slowly convince Harker that he is in the presence of a vampyre. What he doesn't know is the magnitude of danger he, his wife and his town are about to experience.

Special Features:
- Both English and German versions of the film
- Audio Commentary with writer/producer/director Werner Herzog
- Audio Commentary with Werner Herzog, moderated by Laurens Straub (In German with English Subtitles)
- Vintage Featurette – The Making of Nosferatu
- Theatrical Trailers
- Reversible wrap (with the "white" theatrical poster design)


Release Date: May 27th 2014

A young couple, settling into their new life in their spacious home, lose their newborn to a miscarriage. After the tragedy, Thao is inconsolable and won’t let her baby’s body leave the house. She soon begins suffering from terrifying visions and she slowly begins to lose her sanity. Her husband, Thanh, soon begins experiencing strange things around their home and when his wife turns on him, he must race to uncover the secrets of the house in the alley before they both lose their sanity…and their lives.

The film broke box-office records when it debuted in its home country, Vietnam.


Release Date: May 27th 2014

After a terrible boating accident killed her family, shy Angela Baker (Felissa Rose, Return To Sleepaway Camp) went to live with her eccentric Aunt Martha and her cousin Ricky.

This summer, Martha decides to send them both to Camp Arawak, a place to enjoy the great outdoors. Shortly after their arrival, a series of bizarre and violent “accidents” begin to claim the lives of various campers. Has a dark secret returned from the camp’s past…or will an unspeakable horror end the Summer season for all?

From its grisly makeup effects to the truly shocking, and unforgettable, climax, Sleepaway Camp is no ordinary slasher film…it’s a cult classic!

Special Features:
- New 2K scan of the original camera negative
- New Commentary with actors Felissa Rose (“Angela”) and Jonathan Tiersten (“Ricky”)
- New Commentary with writer/director Robert Hiltzik, moderated by webmaster Jeff Hayes
- Original Audio Commentary with writer/director Robert Hiltzik and star Felissa Rose
- At the Waterfront After the Social: The Legacy of Sleepaway Camp – new interviews with Robert Hiltzik, Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Paul DeAngelo (“Ronnie”), Karen Fields (“Judy”), Desiree Gould (“Aunt Martha”), Frank Saladino (“Gene”) and make-up FX artist Ed French.
- Judy - a short film by Jeff Hayes starring Karen Fields
- Princess - A Music Video by Jonathan Tiersten
- Camp Arawak Scrapbook – still gallery
- Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots

RAVENOUS (1999) 

Release Date: June 3rd 2014

It's a recipe for nonstop action and excitement when the inhabitants of an isolated military outpost go up against a marauding band of cannibals in a deadly struggle for survival! Ever watchful of the enemies who might literally tear them apart, the uneasy alliance of soldiers must fight brutal elements of the Sierra Nevada wilderness – as well as their own murderous instincts to stay alive. Directed by Antonia Bird (Priest), this white-knuckle thriller stars Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3, Prometheus), Robert Carlyle (Once Upon A Time) and David Arquette (Scream 4).

Special Features: 

- New interview with Actor Jeffrey Jones
- Commentary With Director Antonia Bird And Composer Damon Albarn
- Commentary With Screenwriter Ted Griffin And Jeffrey Jones
- Commentary With Actor Robert Carlyle
- Deleted Scenes With Commentary By Antonia Bird
- Theatrical Trailer & TV Spot
- Two Still Galleries – Costume Design And Production Design


Release Date: June 17th 2014

After Jake Tilton (C.J.Thomason, Sutures) acquires a mystical "monkey's paw" talisman that grants its possessor three wishes, he finds his world turned upside-down after his first two wishes result in his malevolent coworker, Tony Cobb (Stephen Lang, Avatar), being resurrected from the dead. When Cobb pressures Jake into using the final wish to reunite Cobb with his son, his intimidation quickly escalates into relentless murder – forcing Jake to outwit his psychotic friend and save his remaining loved ones.

Also starring Corbin Bleu (High School Musical, Nurse 3D), Charles S. Dutton (Legion), Michelle Pierce (NCIS) and Daniel Hugh Kelley (Cujo), The Monkey’s Paw is adapted from the renowned short story by W.W. Jacobs, and picks up where the short story left off.


Release Date: July 1st 2014 

A group of young campers out for what they hope to be a fun-filled weekend find their plans spoiled by a disguised, merciless killer who stalks the forest in search of new victims. Soon they are caught in a terrifying sequence of bloodshed and murder. It is up to the remaining few to defend themselves and put an end to the terror filled weekend.
Featuring a great cast of up and coming actors – Rachel Ward (The Thornbirds), Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill, Blade Runner), Adrian Zmed (Bachelor Party),Mark Metcalf (Zero Dark Thirty), Lewis Smith (Django Unchained) and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Fugitive). Directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Under Siege).

Special Features:
- New Audio Commentary with director Andrew Davis
- New interviews with actors Adrian Zmed and Lewis Smith, Post Production Supervisor Allan Holzman and composer Susan Justin
- Original Theatrical Trailer 


Release Date: July 8th 2014  - Read my review HERE!

Bill Pullman (Independence Day, The Grudge), Bridget Fonda (Jackie Brown), Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges) and Oliver Platt (X-Men: First Class) share an appetite for sheer adventure when a tranquil New England lakefront erupts into an action-packed den of destruction in this "monster of a hit" (Wireless Magazine)!
An investigative team, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, high-powered weaponry and a biting sense of sarcasm, must work together to defeat Black Lake's most ferocious resident: a 30-foot prehistoric crocodile! Written by David E. Kelley (Ally Mcbeal, Boston Legal), directed by Steve Miner(Halloween H20, Friday The 13th Part 2), and co-starring Betty White as the cantankerous Mrs. Bickerman, this terrifying tale of survival "combines humor and thrills with remarkable deftness" (New York Post).

Special Features: 

- The Making of LAKE PLACID featuring new interviews with director Steve Miner, actor Bill Pullman, director of photography Daryn Okada, editor Marshall Harvey, Production Designer John Willett, Effects supervisor Nick Marra and Puppeteer Toby Lindala
- Vintage Featurette featuring interviews with actors Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt, Brendon Gleason, Bette White and director Steve Miner
- Behind the Scenes Still Gallery
- Animatronic Croc Test Footage
- TV Spots
- Theatrical Trailer


Release Date: July 15th 2014

Meet mankind’s deadliest enemy!

Each year they plunder one fifth of our food, spread our deadliest diseases and destroy billions of dollars worth of homes and property.

Grain contaminated with steroids produce large black rats that begin feeding on the citizens of Toronto. A college basketball coach (Sam Groom, The Baby Maker) teams up with a local health inspector (Sara Botsford, The Fog 2005) to uncover the source of the mysterious giant rats. When they discover that the rats are living in the subway, they try to prevent a new subway line from opening before all hell breaks loose underground. This is man’s last desperate, bloody battle to preserve the existence of the human race!

Based on the novel The Rats by James Herbert with a screenplay by Charles Eglee (Dexter, The Walking Dead), this nail-biting thriller is directed byRobert Clouse (Enter The Dragon) and co-stars Scatman Crothers (The Shining), Lisa Langlois (The Nest) and Lesleh Donaldson (Happy Birthday To Me, Curtains).

Special Features:
- New interviews with actors Lisa Langlois, Lesleh Donaldson and Joseph Kelly, writer Charles Eglee, art director Ninkey Dalton, special effects artists Alan Apone and Alec Gillis.
- TV Spot


Release Date: July 22nd 2014 

Fifteen-year-old Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins, Insomnia, Juno) and her nearly-sixteen-year-old sister Ginger (Katharine Isabelle, Freddy vs. Jason, See No Evil 2) are both best friends and outcasts. Obsessed with dying and bound by a childhood pact to stay together forever, they loathe their mind-numbing existence in the suburbs of Bailey Downs. One night the two girls are heading through the woods when Ginger is savagely attacked by a wild creature.

Ginger’s horrible wounds miraculously heal over, but something is not quite right about her. Ginger is irritable and in denial. But to Brigitte, it is obvious that a terrifying force has taken hold of her sister. She’s convinced that the insatiable craving her sister is experiencing can mean only one thing – Ginger is becoming something unspeakably evil and monstrous.

Also starring Mimi Rogers (Penny Dreadful), Kris Lemche (Final Destination 3) and Jesse Moss (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil), this riveting funfest was directed by John Fawcett (Orphan Black) and written by Karen Walton (Orphan Black).

Special Features: 
- NEW interviews with director John Fawcett, writer Karen Walton, actors Emily Perkins and Jesse Moss, Producer Steve Hoban, Make-up Effects artist Paul Jones, Composer Mike Shields and Editor Brett Sullivan
- NEW Women in Horror panel discussing GINGER SNAPS
- Audio Commentary with Director John Fawcett
- Audio Commentary with Writer Karen Walton
- Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by John Fawcett and Karen Walton
- The Making of GINGER SNAPS - Vintage Featurette
- Creation of the Beast - Vintage Featurette
- Being John Fawcett- Vintage Featurette
- Cast Auditions and Rehearsals
- Theatrical Trailers
- TV Spots
- Production Design Artwork Photo Gallery 

MOTEL HELL (1980) 

Release Date: August 12th 2014 

Check out the new key art for Scream Factory's upcoming Collector's Edition of the cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding slasher MOTEL HELL! This awesome interpretation comes to us from veteran Scream Factory artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (Day of the Dead, Sleepaway Camp, The Burning, etc.) 

You really are what you eat with Farmer Vincent's smoked meat in this creepy horror yarn that "packs a punch that goes way beyond mere terror" (Boxoffice). Vincent's popular products contain a special ingredient that the psychotic farmer and his sister would literally kill to keep a secret! StarringRory Calhoun (Angel), Nancy Parsons (Porky’s), Nina Axelrod (Time Walker, Cobra) and John Ratzenberger (Cheers), and directed by Kevin Connor(From Beyond The Grave, At The Earth’s Core), this darkly funny flick "just might be your cup of meat" (L.A. Herald Examiner)!

Special Features:
- NEW Audio Commentary with director Kevin Connor, moderated by filmmaker Dave Parker
- NEW It Takes All Kinds: The Making of MOTEL HELL featuring interviews with director Kevin Connor, producers/writers Robert Jaffe and Steven Charles Jaffe and actor Marc Silver
- NEW Shooting Old School with cinematographer Thomas Del Ruth
- Another Head on the Chopping Block: An interview with actor Paul Linke
- From Glamour to Gore: An interview with actress Rosanne Katon
- Ida, Be Thy Name: A look back at MOTEL HELL’s frightful female protagonist Ida Smith
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Photo Galleries 


Release Date: August 5th 2014

Greydon Clark’s 1980 alien/slasher cult classic WITHOUT WARNING to DVD & Blu-ray for the first time this August! Never been released on ANY home entertainment format in the U.S. or Canada (often bootlegged) so to be able to bring this out period is a feat in itself.

A group of teenagers head out to the lake for a relaxing camping trip in the mountains. They ignore the warnings of the local truck stop owner and head to their destination. Things go terribly wrong when they run into an extraterrestrial who throws deadly discs that suck the blood of their victims. The group heads back to the truck stop for help from the eclectic group of residents – a crazy war veteran (Martin Landau, Ed Wood) and a determined hunter (Jack Palance, Batman).

Also starring David Caruso (NYPD Blue, CSI Miami), Neville Brand (Eaten Alive), Cameron Mitchell (Blood And Black Lace) and Kevin Peter Hall(Predator) as the alien, and directed by Greydon Clark (Joysticks, Satan’s Cheerleaders), this “thematic predecessor to Predator” ( is a non-stop ride into extra-terror-strial mayhem!

Check out the sweet reverse wrap using alternate theatrical artwork for 1980's wild alien film WITHOUT WARNING. 

Special Features:
- Audio Commentary with Producer/Director Greydon Clark
New Interviews with:
- Cinematographer Dean Cundey
- Co-Writer/Co-Producer Daniel Grodnik
- Special Make-Up Effects Creator Greg Cannom
- Actors Christopher S. Nelson and Tarah Nutter
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Still Gallery 


Release Date: August 5th 2014

Paul Williams wrote the acclaimed score for this musical horror classic, and stars as an evil record tycoon haunted and taunted by the disfigured composer Winslow Leach (William Finley, Sisters) he once wronged. Cheered by the Los Angeles Times as a “delightful, outrageous…visual triumph,” and also starring Jessica Harper (Suspiria, Shock Treatment) and Gerrit Graham (Used Cars, Terrorvision), this hilarious send-up of the glam rock era is pure entertainment from beginning to end.”
Special Features:

- NEW Audio Commentary with Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham and the Juicy Fruits (Archie Hahn, Jeffrey Comanor and Harold Oblong aka Peter Eibling)
- NEW Audio Commentary with Production Designer Jack Fisk
- NEW Interview with director Brian DePalma (36 minutes)
- NEW Interview with Paul Williams talking about the music of PHANTOM (30 minutes)
- NEW Interview with Make-up Effects wizard Tom Burman discussing the Phantom Helmet
- Alternate Takes (40 minutes)
- Swan Song Outtake Footage (10 minutes)

- Paradise Regained – documentary on the making of the film featuring director Brian DePalma, Producer Edward R. Pressman, William Finley, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham and more… (50 minutes)
- Interview with Paul Williams moderated by Guillermo Del Toro (72 minutes)
- Interview with costume designer Rosanna Norton (10 minutes)
- NEW Interview with producer Edward R. Pressman (15 minutes)
- NEW Interview with drummer Gary Mallaber (15 minutes)
- NEW Alvin’s Art and Technique – a look at the neon poster (15 minutes)
- NEW Phantom of the Paradise Biography by Gerrit Graham - 1974 Publicity Sheet written by and read by Graham (8 minutes)
- Radio Spots
- TV Spots
- Theatrical Trailer
- Still Gallery 

Release Date: August 19th 2014 

On the dark and forbidding ocean floor, the crew of a deep-sea mission rig discovers a sunken freighter that harbors a deadly secret: a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. With a storm raging on the surface and no hope of rescue, the captain and his team are propelled into a spine-tingling battle for survival against the ultimate foe – a hideous monster that cannot die...and lives to kill!

Starring Peter Weller (Robocop), Amanda Pays (Max Headroom), Richard Crenna (First Blood), Daniel Stern (Home Alone) and Ernie Hudson(Ghostbusters) and directed by George P. Cosmatos (Tombstone, Of Unknown Origin), Leviathan features a solid script by veteran screenwriters David Peoples (Blade Runner) and Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) and amazing creature effects by the one and only Stan Winston (Aliens, Predator, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park).

Special Features: 

- New Interviews with:
- Actors Hector Elizondo and Ernie Hudson
- Creature effects artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.
- Original Theatrical Trailer


Release Date: August 26th 2014 

It sits here, shrouded in mist and mystery, a nesting place for living evil and terror from the dead. It's Hell House. Roddy McDowall heads the cast of this exciting chiller about four psychic investigators and the dark, brooding mansion they call "the Mt. Everest of haunted houses." It's already destroyed one team of researchers. Now this brave quartet ventures in for another try at unraveling its secrets. But before they succeed, they must suffer through madness, murder and everything else that the spirits who dwell here have in store for them. Yet learning the truth just might drive them all insane. An ingeniously devised ghost story, The Legend Of Hell House will thrill and delight veteran horror fans from the first creaking door to the very last slithering shadow.

Special Features:
- New Interview With Director John Hough
- New Audio Commentary With Actress Pamela Franklin
- Theatrical Trailer


Release Date: September 9th 2014

The late 80's classic from effects master Stan Winston gets a sweet Collector's Edition - extras to revealed at a later date. I do also believe the sequel PUMPKINHEAD II: BLOOD WINGS (1993) will also be on the way at some point from Scream Factory. 

SQUIRM (1976)

Release Date: October 

The worms crawl in and out this October when we release the 1976 nature-gone-berserk classic SQUIRM to Collector's Edition Blu-ray for the first time in U.S. and Canada! 

Very excited with the recent announcement of director Jeff Lieberman's (BLUE SUNSHINE) oozy cult-classic SQUIRM (1976).

No extras or artwork revealed as of yet but stay tuned! 

Sadly Scream Factory's previously announced release of the phenomenal werewolf flick DOG SOLDIERS has been put on indefinite hold while they sort through some unforeseen ownership issues - a tentative 2015 release is possible at this point. 

Also, keep your eyes peeled on Scream Factory's  SUMMER OF FEAR promo - every week offering a "Six Pack"  of discounted titles. A new batch are announced every week at 10am. Order now at and get a FREE custom-made coaster pack with purchase of any title in the "Six Pack" - the coasters are awesome. 


Anchor Bay Entertainment and us at Scream Factory unveiled the official art for the September 23rd release of the HALLOWEEN Complete Collection Blu-ray! Creative attached is from the 15-disc Deluxe Edition - that includes a rigid slipcase to house all the films, a bonus disc packed with extras and a collectible 40-page book – and the 10-Disc edition (films only but will still have selected extras).  

Ordered my Deluxe Limited Edition from Scream Factory when this bad boy was announced. Anxiously anticipating a complete listing of extras and information about the transfers for each title. 

Halloween night - Haddonfield, IL. A young boy butchers his older sister with a kitchen knife. 15 years later, he escapes from a mental institution only to return home and terrorize the town, including babysitter Laurie Strode. Now pursued by Dr. Loomis, the doctor who tried to treat him until he realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil . His name is Michael Myers.


And so began one of the most iconic horror franchises in history. What producers Moustapha Akkad and Debra Hill, writer/director John Carpenter and stars Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasence started has spawned 10 feature films and lasted over 35 years. Now, for the first time ever, experience the terror of every Halloween film available together in 1 set! This limited edition deluxe set includes 15 discs jammed with content Halloween fans will love including:

Halloween II
Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers,
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Halloween H20
Halloween: Resurrection
Rob Zombie's Halloween and Halloween II.
Brand new, never before seen bonus features including new interviews with cast and crew, commentaries, behind the scenes documentaries, and so much more.
Plus, the NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Producer s Cut of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers!
The set also features both Blu-ray versions of Halloween as well as the Network TV versions of Halloween and Halloween 2. Here it is, the one that started it all Halloween: The Complete Collection.



These two classic British anthology films will be a housed together as a double feature on Blu-ray (both for the first time) and Vault will be presented in its uncut form. 

This underrated grave robber thriller was produced by Mel Brooks and stars Timothy Dalton, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Rea, Jonathan Pryce…and even Twiggy! Also on Blu-ray for the first time. 

Both will arrive sometime this Fall - No detail on extras at this point. 


Check out the artwork for the upcoming Blu-ray set of THE VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION II which is scheduled to drop on Oct 21st just in time for Halloween! Illustrator Joel Robinson did a great job once again and compliments the first volume well.

Once again, titles in "Volume II" set include The Last Man on Earth, The Comedy of Terrors, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Tomb of Ligeia, The Raven, Return of the Fly and the William Castle favorite The House on Haunted Hill.

Extras will be announced sometime later this Summer.

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