Sunday, July 13, 2014

BLOOD LAKE coming to DVD/BD 7/22

Not having seen this the one thing I can say is that it is the ONLY Asylum film I have ever wanted to see - EVER! A cast that includes Doc Brown, Shannon Doherty (MALLRATS)  and the mean kid from A CHRISTMAS STORY with yellow eyes!

Having aired on Animal Planet to Millions of giddy creature feature viewers, Animal Planet’s first Original Horror film, BLOOD LAKE: ATTACK OF THE KILLER LAMPREY’S is coming to DVD and BLUERAY July 22 from the folks over at ASYLUM under the title BLOOD LAKE. 

Directed by James Cullen Bressack, the film stars Shannen Doherty, Christopher Lloyd, Jason Brooks, Ciara Hanna, and Zack Ward.

Synopsis: After chomping through massive fish populations, thousands of starved lampreys begin attacking the citizens of a sleepy lake town, leaving the community scrambling to stay alive.

Dig on the trailer here:

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