Monday, May 25, 2015

HORSEHEAD on Blu-ray/DVD from Artsploitation Films on 6/23


Release Date: June 23rd 2015

Synopsis: Beautiful young Jessica returns to her family's countryside estate for her grandmother's funeral where she is haunted by recurring nightmares of a horse-headed monster. As she attempts to semi-consciously navigate through this dream landscape, Jessica begins to discover the secrets behind this sinister apparition. Haunting and horrific, surreal and shocking, HORSEHEAD is a horror-fantasy that pay tribute to the classic European shockers of Dario Argento and Mario Bava while delivering unforgettable images that both disturb and enchant.

Bonus Features: 
- Four short films
- Trailer
HORSEHEAD | Official Trailer | Artsploitation Films
HORSEHEAD Official Trailer

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