Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mad Foxes (1981) the most delirious and offensive biker action trash flick ever unleashed arrives on DVD from Full Moon!

MAD FOXES (1981) 
Label: Full Moon Films
Region Code: Region-Free

Rating: Unrated
Duration: 80 Minutes
Audio: German Dolby Digital Stereo 
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Director: Paul Grau
Cast: Jose Gras, Laura Premica, Andrea Albani, Peter John Saunders, Ana Roca

From Swiss exploitation producer Erwin C. Dietrich (Rolls Royce Baby, Jess Franco's Jack the Ripper, Barbed Wire Dolls) comes Mad Foxes the most delirious and offensive biker action trash flick ever unleashed!

When hapless hero Hal (Jose Gras from Bruno Mattei's Hell of the Living Dead and Lucio Fulci's Conquest) and his ladyfriend have a deadly run-in with a greasy biker gang, the thugs strike back by raping the woman and beating Hal within an inch of his miserable life. But he survives and calls on his uppity kick-boxing buddies who in-turn crash the dead biker's funeral, cut off the gang-leaders member and feed it to him. What follows is an endless back and forth of violence, mutilation, rape and revenge, with a staggering body count made up of the innocent, the sort-of horrible and the all-out scum-of-the earth.

Mad Foxes is the drooling, spitting, screamingly offensive exploitation film you've been waiting for and is presented in a totally uncut, digitally remastered transfer culled from Dietrich's own negative. Rev them motors and dig in!

Special Features: 
- Scum of the Earth: The Making of Mad Foxes
- Stiletto's Song: Interview with Actor Eric Falk 

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