Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MAILBAG! A letter from the director of THE SWEET LIFE Rocco Simonelli

In response to our post regarding Synapse Films DVD release of Rocco Simonelli's The Sweet Life the director sent us a short bit of correspondence.

Dear McBastard,

I'm Rocco Simonelli, the writer/director of THE SWEET LIFE, and like you I also find most romantic comedies cringe-worthy, which is why SWEET LIFE was written to turn all those cliches and conventions on their ears. FILM THREAT called the film

"The anti-romantic comedy, a love story guys can like." And Wes Craven liked it too. He wrote: "What struck me was how quirky the characters were, making THE SWEET LIFE a wonderfully unconventional romantic comedy." I swear, you won't cringe.

Producer Roy Frumke, stars Joan Jett and Barbara Sicuranza
and director Rocco Simonelli. Picture from www.roccosimonelli.com

No one learns anything, everyone makes the wrong choice, Joan Jett is a hoot and the title song kicks ass. If you post the link for my website (http://www.roccosimonelli.com) people can go there and view the SWEET LIFE trailer. Give it a look yourself and see what you think.

And if it lends me any more cult cred, I also wrote the notorious underground short SWIRLEE, directed by and starring James Lorinz (STREET TRASH, FRANKENHOOKER). People can read about that too at my site, and there's a link to the short.

Best Regards,

Rocco Simonelli

In a follow-up email Rocco informed me that he is not the director of the film The Substitute as was indicated in Synapse Films press release, that honor goes to Robert Mandel. He also wanted to let us know that the The Sweet Life DVD will also include a making-of featurette, so there you have it folks. Thanks for the email Rocco!

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