Monday, July 18, 2011

'3 SLICES OF LIFE' creators stir-up a Satanic Panic with 'LEWIS'

I had the opportunity to checkout a sneak peek of the short film LEWIS this weekend, it's a fun throwback to the Satanic Panic films of the 1970's and should appeal to fans of 70's occult cinema and Ti West's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. The film comes from the filmmakers behind 3 SLICES OF LIFE and will be part of the PSYCHO STREET horror anthology. The short is a co-production between TinyCore Pictures and Musclewolf Productions and is directed by Anthony G. Sumner (SLICES OF LIFE, GALLERY OF FEAR) and stars Deneen Melody (SONG OF THE SHATTERED), Jerry Murdock (I'LL BURY YOU TOMORROW) and Susan Adriensen (UNDER THE RAVEN'S WING). 

When Amanda (Deneen Melody) and her young daughter Aubrey (Taylor Metzger) return to the site of a traumatic childhood event, the small village of Kronanburg, things start off odd and quickly descend into an unimaginable nightmare. Between Aubrey's imaginary friend, Amanda's frightening visions and the peculiar small town folk something is definitely rotten in Kronanburg, but will Amanda discover the terrible truth before it's too late for her daughter and her? That's the premise, it's succinctly simple and pretty awesome.

LEWIS is an artful throwback to the Satanic Panic drive-in flicks of the 70's and really captures the period aesthetic, throws in some disturbing erotica, occult and Cthulu elements, and by the end of the film I was left wanting more but in a good way. The film looks great, and the cinematography really evokes the period, the tone is perfect and the effects are of the gloriously old school practical variety, good bloody stuff. There's nothing I did not love about this flick, right down to that fantastically retro-styled poster.

Not sure when the film will be coming to DVD but it's gonna be travelling the film festival circuit this fall so grab a viewing if you can. There's been a few awesome indie-anthologies in recent years, 3 SLICES OF LIFE and DRIVE-IN HORROSHOW come immediately to mind, and if LEWIS is an indication of what to expect from the remainder of PSYCHO STREET you're not gonna want to miss this one. Check out the trailer and go to the site for more information.

The PSYCHO STREET horror anthology consists of four frightening tales that feature the talents of actors Raine Brown (PSYCHO HOLOCAUST), Tiffany Shepis (THE FRANKENSTEIN SYNDROME ) and Deneen Melody (3 SLICES OF LIFE) among others. The film will premiere this week at Fright Night Film fest in Louisville KY on July 22nd. No DVD release date is available at this time.

Directors: Arthur Cullipher, Patrick Desmond
Cast: Tiffany Shepis (FRANKENSTEIN SYNDROME), Raine Brown, Jared Degado, Austin Dossey.

Director: Pete Jacelone
Cast: Marv Blauvelt, Raine Brown, Alan Rowe Kelly, Carl Burrows.

Directors: Raine Brown and Jeremiah Kipp
Cast: Raine Brown, Matthew Bonacci, Joe Zasoand Harry Dugan.

Directors: Anthony G. Sumner
Cast: Deneen Melody, Jerry Murdock, Susan Adriensen, Nick Morano.