Sunday, January 13, 2013

DVD Review: CHERRY. (2010)

CHERRY. (2010)

Label: MVD Visual

Region Code: 0 NTSC
Rating: Unrtated
Duration: 94 Minutes
Video: 16:9 widescreen
Audio: English Dolby Digtal 2.0 
Director: Quinn Saunders
Cast: Lili Bordan, Ray Valentin, David Crane

Brian Cherry (David Crane) is a real nice guy, too nice, one of those guys. Super decent, never makes the first move, the poor schmuck just has no game whatsoever when it comes to the ladies. Enter his best friend Sam Reyes (Rey Valentin) who is quite the opposite, self-assured and a chic magnet who one night while at the bar convinces a friendly vixen named Jules (Lili Bordan) to buy his nice guy friend a drink, thus setting in motion a budding relationship. Jules and Cherry ignite some real romance, there's a tenderness to their relationship but you can tell that Jules has a darker side and that her past must be quite a read on a cold night. Poor Cherry is a bit oblivious to this and he's just in seventh heaven with ignorant bliss, his friend Sam however can sense a kindred spirit in Jules, and as such doesn't trust her motivations. 

There's some sexual incompatibility between the two lovers and it seems that Jules needs something a bit more electric between the sheets than what nice guy Cherry has to offer and it's that urge for sexual gratification that brings her and Sam together creating a tense love triangle.

Eventually Sam and Jules realize they're falling in love with each other and she breaks  it off with Cherry who just falls apart at the seams, and at this point he doesn't even realize the betrayal that's been perpetrated upon him by those closest to him. After the break-up he goes about hibernating in his trash strewn apartment, he loses his job and just becomes even more of a pathetic wretch than he was before. It's not that he's unlikable it's just that he's so god damned pathetic, if he was your friend you would think this guy just needs to get laid, but obviously that's just not the case.   

When it is finally revealed to him what's really going on behind his back he goes off the deep end and the film goes further than I thought it ever would, it's pretty dark stuff. 

Special Features: 
- Trailer (1:53) 

Verdict: A  tightly knit film that really stays within the confines of reality, the relationship, the friendship, the fall out a out following the break-up and Cherry's descent from nice guy to something else all together. Some of the scripted dialogue was a bit off from time to time but the performances are strong from the get-go, this is a really well acted production. There's a lot of complex emotions at play here, you really feel for Cherry and what's happening to him up to a point, and you will know it when you get there. This is a slow-building low-budget thriller with some nice tension and it gets a recommend. 3 Outta 5