Monday, July 14, 2014



Label: Intervision Picture Corp

Region Code: 1
Rating: Unrated
Duration: 97 Minutes
Audio: English Dolby Digital Mono
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen (1:78:1)
Director: Rino Di Silvestro
Cast: John Steiner, Erna Schurer, Solvi Stubing, Lina Polito

During the finals days of WWII A group of women are deported to a Gothic castle by the Nazis to be trained for service as prostitutes in the service of the Third Reich. Once they arrive they are deloused and have their beavers neatly shaven in an appropriately gratuitous sequence. Afterwards they are assigned positions as either forced laborers or whores. 

What we have hear is a scuzzy women-behind-bars prison film wrapped in the swastika trappings of a Nazi exploitation movie with copious amounts of nudity and depraved sexuality. If you're into that sort of thing there's some entertainment to be had here. 

The camp is run by a few mean-spirited women named Helga (Erna Schurer) and Greta (Solvi Stubing, STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER) who routinely have their naughty parts nibbled on nightly by the inmates in exchange for preferred treatment. As for men at the camp we have just Commandant Erner (John Steiner,TENEBRE) and his mute sidekick Doberman (Giorgio Cerioni) whom suffers Erner's man-on-man desires. Erner plays it both ways though and has an eye for a young Polish deportee named Tania (Lina Polito, ALL SCREWED UP) who refused his advances years earlier and is no more eager to please him now during her incarceration. Invited to dinner by Erner the depraved commander attempts to seduce the young woman by forcing her to watch Helga and Greta pleasure him - which seems a strange choice for a seduction but maybe I'm just old fashioned that way. 

Tania is sent to solitary confinement where she embarks on a defiant hunger strike before ending up in the infirmary where a sympathetic doc informs her of an underground tunnel from which to escape. Armed with that knowledge Tania plans a daring escape but not before she can exact her cock-shredding revenge against Erner for the humiliations she suffered at his hands.

The film rambles along pretty damn slowly at first but things pick-up for the better about half-way through so just be patient - the ending comes on strong with a spirited and tragic finale. Some interesting angles are played-up including the separation of the poor and wealthy deportees and the politics that come into play but nothing that's fleshed out fully. 

The female cast were decent with a mix of stern-faced bitchiness and sympathetic young ladies in an impossible situation with but it was actor John Steiner as the depraved Nazi commander that stands out - once he shows up things get way more interesting. He plays the role with wonderful enthusiasm which alone is worth the price of admission.

There's no shortage of sleaze in this entry as nearly every woman in the film is stripped bare of and subjected to twisted sexual acts with other women - so yes there are copious amounts of nudity and sex. The more grotesque stuff is kept to a minimum with only a few tit-clamping torture sessions with one particularly brutal session ending with a woman clubbed on the head until her skull bursts opens spewing gore. 

Deported Women of the SS Special Section arrives on DVD framed in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) from Intervision Picture Corp and it's a bit shaky at first with a cropped opening credit sequence is sourced from what appears to be a video tape but soon enough it opens up to something a bit more pleasing to the eyes. A few of the scenes are overly grainy with some vertical lines and white speckling -  but overall this is a very watchable presentation with some nice cinematography from Sergio D'Offizi who shot CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING. A great example of an exploitation film with a few art house moments -  bathed in deep shadows and a cold blue tint this is quite an attractive piece of Eurosleaze. 

The English language mono audio does the job albeit with no small amount of audio hiss. As with  the GESTAPO'S LAST ORGY there's a very nice score which transcends the images  this time from the prolific Italian composer Steivio Cipriani who scored Mario Bava's A BAY OF BLOOD. 

Extras includes a nine-minute interview with star John Steiner (TENEBRE) who looks back at the making of the film with good humor as he remembers taking the just part for money, the nude women on set, the power of the Nazi uniform and his displeasure that the female lead refused to do nudity as well as explaining why he transitioned from actor to California real estate agent. 

There's also a half-hour interview with the director Rino Di Silvestro who speaks about doing script work alongside Lucio Fulci in the early days before getting director gigs and the amount of time he spent striving for authenticity on the film. Carried over from the GESTAPO'S LAST ORGY release is A Brief History of Sadiconazista featurette with Film Historian Marcus Stiglegger (36:30) with the film historian giving a brief history of the nazisploitation sub-genre. 

Special Features:
-A Brief History of Sadiconazista- Interview with Film Historian Marcus Stiglegger (36:30)
- What Does John Steiner Think? (9:19)
- Camp Rino- Interview with Director Rino Di Silvestro (29:29)
-Theatrical Trailer

DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS SPECIAL SECTION is not as depraved or haunting as GESTAPO'S LAST ORGY but stick around for John Steiner's scene chewing turn and some fun exploitation elements.