Thursday, March 24, 2016



Label: Wild Eye Releasing 

Region Code: ALL
Duration: 92 Minutes
Rating: Unrated 
Audio: English Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Director: Jeremy Garner
Cast: Ehren 'Danger' Mcghehey, Casey Vann, Nick Forrest, Sarah Kobel, Mike Bazanele, Todd A. Robinson, Tommy Hestmark

Synopsis: A story of love, leather ... and brutal violence! When the Satan's Sinners, a vicious biker gang, attack a bride and groom on their wedding day, they get a fight they never imagined. Now, armed with some divine intervention and firepower, the murdered groom is out to save his wife any way he can before she is sacrificed to Satan... even if it means dying over and over again until the job is done.

All Hell Breaks Loose begins like a traditional slasher movie with drunken and horny teens around a campfire sharing a tale of a sodomizing spirit when the a group of rough looking bikers roll up on the party and make quick work of the men in the group before kidnapping the young women. The bikers are members of the Satanic Sinners, a demonic group of murderous thugs looking for virgins to sacrifice in a satanic ritual. Unfortunate newlywed couple Nick and Bobby sue are the next to encounter the deranged bikers, who leave Nich for dead and make off with his virgin bride. 

While Nick is bleeding to death on the side of the road after the encounter a whites-suited cowboy comes along and resurrects him, apparently this is God, and he resurrects the dorky dude with the flick of his cigar. Nick enlists the help of a local Sheriff to go after the gang, and the two are gunned down in a bloody mess, poor Nick is but a puddle of goo after the encounter. With the help of a a pervy priest he is once again resurrected and goes after the gang, who are a bit surprised by the tenacity of the dweebie-guy who refuses to give up. 

All Hell Breaks Loose is a ton of low-budget fun, a humorous take on the seedy biker and satanic panic movies of the '70's amped up with an appreciable amount of gore and laughs that is sure to please exploitation cinema fans. The movie has the scratched-up patina that these modern grindhouse movies seem to love, and while it does raw attention to itself more than it should I do love the aesthetic of the movie, though the scratched-up film print stuff can be annoying. 

The movie does not disappoint in the gore and violence department, some of it is digital blood splatter and such, but there is also a fair amount of old school rubber and blood, more than enough to make me happy. A nice array of exploding heads, severed fingers, melted visages keep things good and gory throughout. The acting is amateur but appropriate for a movie that is aping classic schlock and exploitation cinema, the dialogue is way funny, too. The gang members all act tough, spout of tasty one-liners, and laugh maniacally from start to finish, there's no depth to any of them and I am just fine with that, there's also one who fancies himself as a bit of an Elvis impersonator, which is always fun.  Nick Forrest as our dweeby hero turns in a fun performance as the dorky revenger, The pervy priest is awesome, praying for big-titty women to join his flock, comparing AIDS to gluten-allergies, which is all sorts of wrong and awesome. 

Special Features: 
- Director's Commentary 
- Deleted Scenes (2 Mins) 
- Trailer (2 Mins) 

All Hell Breaks Loose was a demonic biker blast loaded with gore, nudity and humor -- what else do you need? A high recommend for those who love '70s exploitation cinema and low-budget horror production, I hope this one finds an audience on home video who can appreciate how much rockin' fun it is - well worth a watch. 3/5