Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The UK's 88 Film are bringing video nasty THE TOOLBOX MURDERS (1978) to Blu-ray, uncensored and uncut with a new 4K scan and a wealth of extras as part of their Slasher Classics Collection!



Originally banned in the UK, 88 Films give new life to the frequently-censored shocker which makes its UK debut uncut for the very first time!

Having already unleashed THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, a crimson-covered campus-set creeper highly demanded by fright-fans in HD, 88 Films is proud to announce its latest Slasher Classic – TOOLBOX MURDERS, the ultimate in contraband ‘video nasty’ shock-gore greatness! Unbelievably it has taken until now, almost 40 years since its release, for TOOLBOX MURDERS to be considered safe for British viewers. Prior to these groundbreaking times, the film was most famed for driving the BBFC bonkers as they wrestled with its many moments of brutal bludgeoning, driller-killer craziness and hammer-to-the-head horror – resulting in a famed ‘ban’ during the VHS purges of the early 1980s. 

Originally released in 1978 to shocked and speechless cinemagoers who were perhaps lured by the comparative ‘safety’ of Cameron Mitchell in the lead role (famed for such Hollywood classics as HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE but also a genre veteran thanks to turns in such terror titles as BLOOD AND BLACK LACE) – TOOLBOX MURDERS barely stops for a breath as it indulges its passion for plasma-spilling serial-stalker shenanigans. Based on the true story of a masked-marauder who terrorised the beautiful babes of Hollywood Boulevard, this seventies slice and dice denizen co-stars the famous adult movie siren Kelly Nichols as a soon-to-be-human-pin-cushion – which only adds to the production’s palpably sleazy atmosphere. Certainly not for the faint hearted, and remade in 2004 by no less than the late great Tobe Hooper, the original TOOLBOX MURDERS arrives to Blu-ray fresh from a new 4k scan exclusive to 88 Films!

But this is not all.
As a legitimate ‘slasher classic’, 88 Films is proud to confirm that we have gone on all out on a truly awesome special edition for this must-have hack ‘em up sickie – with a collectible slipcover for web site orders and an ‘early day’ booklet featuring a new interview with producer Tony DiDio. In addition, this remarkable new release includes a lengthy (25 minute) discussion with film historian David Del Valle, a long-time friend of Cameron Mitchell, about his memories of the late icon and his role in TOOLBOX MURDERS. Also featured on this Blu-ray is a nearly half hour look at the career of Kelly Nichols – with the former XXX-rated brunette looking back at her flesh-flaunting adventures in the screen business! 88 Films has also commissioned a brand new audio commentary with author Justin Kerswell and academic and documentary-maker Calum Waddell for this outstanding unveiling of an HD horror gem.

States Richard Elliot of 88 Films: “It would be impossible for us, as hardcore fans of the gore-game, not to give TOOLBOX MURDERS the bells and whistles treatment it deserves. The Slasher Classics line has really reached a peak with this absolutely brilliant shocker – which still holds up today as an unapologetically gruelling, but psychologically intense, work of gross-out genius. We adore video nasties here at 88 Films and we consider it a privilege to be able to afford British fans the ultimate edition of TOOLBOX MURDERS.”

Ass James Blower: “TOOLBOX MURDERS was understandably a target for the Mary Whitehouse sympathisers back in the 1980s and even viewing it all these years later it is easy to see why it upset so many people. However, underneath the mind-blowing bloodshed is a very well made and even darkly comical horror classic that we believe a new generation fans will come to embrace.”

TOOLBOX MURDERS will be available on November 20th, with a pre-order link forthcoming at www.88films.co.uk

Full specs:
- New 4k scan of the full uncensored and uncut TOOLBOX MURDERS (1978)
- FLESH AND BLOOD – Star Kelly Nichols remembers her fascinating celluloid career in skin and scares!
- SLASHBACK MEMORIES – Leading critic and historian David Del Valle recalls his friendship with the late Cameron Mitchell and the legacy of TOOLBOX MURDERS
- Brand new audio commentary with Justin Kerswell, author of TEENAGE WASTELAND: THE SLASHER MOVIE UNCUT, and Calum Waddell, director of SLICE AND DICE: THE SLASHER FILM FOREVER.
- Very limited collector’s booklet, first pressing of 1000 copies only, with an exclusive interview with producer Tony DiDio.
- Very limited collector’s slipcase – available solely from the 88 Films web site.