Thursday, July 12, 2018

88 Films Raises the Splatter Movie Stakes with Italian Gore Classic AMAZONIA!

AMAZONIA (1985) 

Label: 88 Films 
Region Code:
Audio: English and Italian DTS-HD MA with Mono with Optional english Subtitles 
Video: 1080p HD Widescreen (1.85:1)
Duration: 90 Minutes 
Cast:  Elvire Audray, Will Gonzales, Dick Campbell 
Director: Mario Gariazzo

Why wait until 20th August for your chance to see a cannibal corpse-crunching classic in a stacked HD special edition when AMAZONIA begins to ship from the 88 web site next week!!!

Fans of the video nasty era rocked along to the flesh-feasting greatness of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) and CANNIBAL FEROX (1981) – but the BBFC were fast to ban such shockers outright, only adding to their controversial legacy. As a result, when AMAZONIA – also known as WHITE SLAVE and (wait for it) CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 2 – arrived on the horror scene in 1985, no one dared to submit it to the notoriously stringent British censor board. In today’s more lenient times, however, 88 Films is thrilled to bring this macabre masterpiece of late-day Italian exploitation excess to Blu Ray in a new 2k restoration, totally uncut and uncensored – and with all of the colourful creepiness oozing from the screen. For followers of this oddball cycle of sex and sleaze in the jungle steam, AMAZONIA more than holds it own against the genre progenitors that proceeded it and fans of plasma-spilling pot-boilers will doubtlessly be excited to add this outrageous innards-packed wonder to their Italian terror collection.

Starring the late screen siren Elvire Audray (IRONMASTER), and directed by Mario Gariazzo (ENTER THE DEVIL), AMAZONIA also boasts a screenplay from trash movie maestro Franco Prosperi (CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 2). Shot on location in the vast natural forests of Venezuela, WHITE SLAVE introduces viewers to the ‘true story’ of Catherine Miles – a beautiful blonde American expat, who witnesses the death of her parents at the hands of a local tribe. Things are only just beginning to turn bloody for Miles, however, as our helpless heroine is integrated into tribal life – first by losing all of her clothing and secondly by bearing witness to a number of tribal tortures that are certain to shock, scandalise and scare even the hardiest of horror-buffs! In AMAZONIA it is the law of the jungle that is King, and Catherine Miles might want to escape but word has it among her newfound ‘family’ that a gang of gut-hungry cannibals live in the surrounding jungle. 

Is it worth attempting a run for it? Only AMAZONIA reveals the ‘truth’ around the kidnapping and cannibals that threatened Catherine Miles during her ‘factual’ ordeal.

AMAZONIA basks in the blood, boobs and brilliance of Italian sick-cinema tropes and for this very special edition 88 Films has truly pulled out all the stops to present a feast of fabulously fleshy proportions. It will surely take more than one sitting to scoff-up the delicious extras on offer in this magnificent 88 Films release that – if ordered direct from the 88 Films web site – comes with a limited edition slipcase highlighting the original (frequently censored) Italian theatrical art that exposes the curves and curls of blonde-haired jungle-babe Elvire Audray! In addition, a limited booklet charts the career of Audray, from the Euro-music charts to the charms of cinematic starring roles and beyond. Furthermore, not only does AMAZONIA arrive in an international Blu Ray premiere but fans are treated to a fresh 50-minute documentary entitled THE LAST SUMMER: THE FINAL DAYS OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM – charting the concluding tail-end of the cycle that includes AMAZONIA and other attempts to keep the ‘nasty native’ theme popular at the box office! Featuring contributions from the likes of Ed Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT), Ruggero Deodato (CUT AND RUN) and Michael Sopkiw (MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY) this is a must-see slice of documentary-making. But we are not quite done yet – with an insightful on-camera interview with cameraman Federico Del Zeppo rounding off a package that makes AMAZONIA one of the most mesmerising 88 Films releases yet!

- LIMITED EDITION FIRST PRESSING BOOKLET - The Life and Times of Elvire Audray - By Dr Calum Waddell
- Brand New 2K Transfer of the Film From the Original Camera Negative
- Original Lossless Mono English and Italian Soundtracks
- Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian sountrack
-THE LAST SUPPER: THE FINAL DAYS OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM - Feature length (50 mins) documentary and follow-up to the award winning EATEN ALIVE! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM. Includes interviews with actor Michael Sopkiw (MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY), directors Ed Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) and Ruggero Deodato (CUT AND RUN), academics Mikel Koven and Calum Waddell and author and critic John Martin!
- An Italian in Amazonia: Interview with Cameraman Federico Del Zoppo
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Collector's booklet on the life and times of AMAZONIA actress Elvire Audray
- Reversible sleeve featuring 2 alternative original artworks

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