Friday, August 5, 2011

DVD Review: VS. THE DEAD (2009)

My guest review for the Canadian zombie flick VS. THE DEAD (2009) can be found over at THE WITCHES HAT BLOG or by clicking right HERE.

Root Rot over there at horror-themed THE WITCH'S HAT BLOG has been entertaining me for the past six years, biginning with the legendary THE MIDNIGHT PODCAST (R.I.P.) and now with The Witch's Hat Blog, Blogcast and Vidcast.

The site features written, audio and video reviews as well as several podcast;

The Witch's Hat Blogcast - Updated bi-monthly with host Root Rot, Kreepy Kyle, and Keeley… Featuring the Big Ugly Hairy Scary movie review by Eric R. Lowther.

Joanie Loves the Witch's Hat - The original spin-off show of The Witch’s Hat Blogcast featuring reviews and interviews from special all star guests… Host Eric R. Lowther gives you a new show featuring a new special guest each month

The Witch's Hat Horror Discussion -  Originally featured as a segment on The Witch’s Hat Blogcast, the Horror Discussion became so popular that it only made sense to feature it as a stand-alone podcast… Join host Misfitboy and co-host Root Rot as they discuss a new horror topic each month.

Wonder Twins Acticast - bi-monthly podcast featuring two controversial podcaster’s, Horrorcore Bart from the Horrorcore Podcast and Root Rot…

The Hellal Files - A mini-series presented by The Witch’s Hat… Years ago (2006), long before The Witch’s Hat, Root Rot created and hosted a podcast called The Midnight Podcast (MP). His co-host for MP was a guy named Hellal. Hellal was not only the brains behind those classic episodes, he is also one of the greatest guys around. The MP episodes with Hellal as the co-host are too good not be shared with the listeners of The Witch’s Hat, so a series of best of clips have been put together as a mini-series for your listening pleasure.

Then there's a host of Vidcasts, trailers, short films plus a Horror Directory of blogs and podcasts.

So head on over there and check it out, there's tons of content, for free for you!