Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: INFINITE SANTA 8000 (2013)

INFINITE SANTA 8000 (2013) 
Label: Midnight Releasing
Duration: 95 minutes
Director: Michael Neel
Cast: Duane Bruce, Tara Henry, Michael Neel

Infinite Santa 8000 the movie is a creation of filmmakers Greg Ansin and Michael Neel, the same demented minds who brought us the indie horror anthology Drive-In Horror Show (2011), the project started as a 13 episode web-series on YouTube and it's developed quite a cult following over the years and now we have a feature length film that expands on the original story and amps up the gruesome Santa-themed violence. 

In the reality of Infinite Santa 8000 Earth has been transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by robotic-mutants hybrids Hell bent on destroying Christmas. Our cyborg Santa wanders the wastelands with his robot companion Martha scavenging for scraps to meat and battling the grotesque mutants and violent kill bots in an attempt to carry-on the Christmas spirit. 

At the start of the movie Santa is engaged in an epic death match with a robo-mutant from which he emerges victorious, completely destroying his opponent. Returning to his sanctuary in the wastelands things quickly turn ugly when his arch-enemy, the evil Dr. Shackleton, kidnaps Martha for nefarious purposes. Our cybernetic Santa jumps into his slayer-sled drawn by his loyal robo-reindeer and must face off against the diabolical mad scientist and his hordes of mutant creatures and kill bots to save Martha. 

The carnage comes fast and ridiculous and with tasty holiday puns like "I'll color my eggs with your blood!", it's delightfully corny stuff.  Dr. Shackleton's horde of mutant creatures are pretty fantastic, we have crabmonkeys, batsharks, octo-blobs and a ferocious and fanged 100 ft. tall Easter Bunny that's just chews shit up, it's a brilliant assortment of mutant and cybernetic menaces for Infinite Santa to face-ff against, completely cartoony and awesome. 

The animation is pretty lo-fi but wouldn't be out of place on Adult Swim, it's fun stuff with a blazing heavy metal soundtrack that suits the onscreen carnage exquisitely. The tone of the film reminded me a bit of The Road Warrior (1981) by way of the Robot Santa episodes of Futurama and if that sounds like a sweet slice of demented xmas awesomeness I assure you that it is. 

If you're looking for a demented ultra-violent Christmas movie this year that's a bit off the beaten-path and just might traumatize the kids I say give the Infinite Santa 8000 movie a watch and check out the web-series. The movie is available to stream or download from Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Xbox Video, Vudu and numerous video-on-demand services. Be sure to spread the post-apocalyptic yuletide fear with Infinite Santa this year. 3 Outta 5