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Synapse Films Announces Demons and Demons 2 on 4K and Blu-ray!

Synapse Films Unleashes
Demons and Demons 2
from Producer Dario Argento
on 4K UHD and Blu-ray



On August 13th, Synapse Films brings Lamberto Bava’s supernatural horror epics Demons and Demons 2 to 4K UHD and Blu-ray.

In Demons, the trouble starts when a mysterious figure hands out free tickets to see a new horror film. One by one, the audience enters the movie theater - intrigued by both the figure, his visage covered by a mask, and the new unseen horror film about to premiere. Before you know it, the horror from the film becomes a reality as the audience is turned into flesh-craving demons, hellbent on destroying everything in their path. Bava’s masterpiece – known for its’ amazing gore effects and propulsive rock and metal infused score featuring Billy Idol, The Scorpions, Mötley Crüe and more – can now be seen like never before in two versions of the film: the full-length original cut in English and Italian, and the shorter U.S. version featuring alternate dubbing and sound effects.

The 4K UHD/Blu-ray special features include a new audio commentary by critics Kat Ellinger and Heather Drain, co-hosts of the Hell’s Belles podcast; audio commentary with director Lamberto Bava, SPFX artist Sergio Stivaletti, composer Claudio Simonetti and actress Geretta Geretta; Produced by Dario Argento: a new visual essay by author and critic Michael Mackenzie exploring the legendary filmmaker’s career as a producer; Dario’s Demon Days: interview with writer/producer Dario Argento; Defining an Era in Music: interview with Claudio Simonetti; Splatter Spaghetti Style: interview with long-time Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi; Carnage at the Cinema: Lamberto Bava and His Splatter Masterpiece; Dario and the Demons: Producing Monster Mayhem; Monstrous Memories: Luigi Cozzi on the making of Demons; Profondo Jones: The Critical Perspective; Splatter Stunt Rock: interview with
Ottaviano Dell’Acqua; Stivaletti Q&A at the 2019 UK Festival of Fantastic Films; original Italian and English international theatrical trailers; and the U.S. theatrical trailer.

Watch the trailer here:

In Demons 2, a young girl is getting ready for her birthday party when a horror film on TV unleashes an evil force that begins to turn all the residents of her luxury apartment building into an army of murderous monsters. Babies, dogs, weightlifters…no one is safe as the demons are released, determined to make the land a hellscape similar to where they came from. Lamberto Bava’s sequel is every bit the gory masterpiece that the original is, featuring a New Wave-inspired score by The Smiths, The Cult, Dead Can Dance, and more.

The Demons 2 4K UHD/Blu-ray special features include a new audio commentary by film critic Travis Crawford; Bava to Bava: interview with Luigi Cozzi on the history of Italian horror; Creating Creature Carnage: interview with Sergio Stivaletti; Demonic Influences: Federico Zampaglione Speaks; The ‘Demons’ Generation: Roy Bava discusses a legacy in lacerations; The New Blood of Italian Horror featuring Sergio Stivaletti; Screaming for a Sequel: The Delirious Legacy of Demons 2 with Lamberto Bava; A Soundtrack for Splatter: interview with composer Simon Boswell; Together and Apart: a new visual essay on the space and technology in Demons and Demons 2 by author and critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas; and the original Italian and English theatrical trailers.

Watch the trailer here:

'The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live' starring Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira arrives on UK Blu-ray & DVD August 19th 2024 from Acorn Media International


‘A triumph... lovingly created by TWD fans for TWD fans’
- What to Watch

'Taut and effectively plotted... an emotionally grounded character study built upon the unbreakable bonds between Rick and Michonne'
- Starburst

‘A strong, welcome return… powerful performances from its two leads… an honest, arduous love story… equal parts sad, sinister and satisfying’

All hail The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln – Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, This Life) and Michonne (Danai Gurira – Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War), the iconic zombie-slaughtering fan-favourites, return. Will the couple be reunited after many years apart in this hotly anticipated new chapter of one of TV’s best-loved franchises?

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Season One will delight fans old and new, and following its TX on Sky it’s now set for a Blu-ray and DVD release on 19 August courtesy of Acorn Media International. The full series box set is available now on digital.

Post The Walking Dead finale, lovers Rick Grimes (Lincoln) and Michonne (Gurira) have been separated for many years by an unstoppable force. Five years after being taken by the Civic Republic Military, Rick has desperately been trying to escape to find his love. Michonne, too, has been travelling far and wide while fighting horrors far worse than the dead in her unwavering, dangerous quest to be reunited with her soulmate.

Despite being deeply changed by the ever-evolving and increasingly brutal world around them, one thing remains true: they haven’t stopped searching for each other. The duo will stop at nothing for their homecoming. But as they’re thrust into new landscapes and the increasingly difficult challenges of new factions committed to waging war against zombies and humans, a peaceful reunion seems like an impossibility.

As human and zombie conflict thrillingly intertwine, the couples’ story continues. Will they still have the bond they once had? Are they enemies, lovers, victims or victors? And, most crucially, will they be able to survive The Walking Dead…?

Special Features:
• The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Preview
• Show Me More: The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
• Subtitles

Rating: Cet. 15 
Duration: 360 Minutes 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment Announces Watchmen Chapter 1 on 4K UHD and Blu-ray 8/27!


Part 1 of a Two-Part Animated Movie Event Brings DC Comics' Acclaimed Series to Life

Available exclusively on Digital on August 13

4K UHD and Blu-ray arriving on August 27

Watchmen Chapter II to debut later in Based on DC’s acclaimed graphic novel co-created and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, Watchmen Chapter I, the first part of an all-new animated two-part feature film from Warner Bros. Animation and Paramount, will be released on Digital on August 13.

The animated feature is a faithful adaptation of the groundbreaking graphic novel series by writer Alan Moore and illustrator Dave Gibbons, which redefined the superhero genre when it debuted in the mid-1980s.

Watchmen Chapter I delves into the gritty and complex world of masked vigilantes in an alternate version of America during the Cold War era. The “Watchmen” saga remains a cornerstone of comic book literature, having garnered numerous awards and accolades over the decades.

The adaptation captures the spirit and style of Moore and Gibbons’ original, groundbreaking vision with stunning animation that pays homage to the comic book’s iconic visual style. The film features a stellar voice cast that includes Matthew Rhys (TV’s “Brothers & Sisters,” “The Americans,” “Perry Mason”) Katee Sackhoff (TV’s “Battlestar Galactica,” “Longmire,” “The Mandalorian”) and Titus Welliver (TV’s “Lost,” “Deadwood,” “Sons of Anarchy”).

The film is produced and directed by Brandon Vietti from an adaptation by J. Michael Straczynski. Jim Krieg and Cindy Rago serve as producers and Dave Gibbons serves as consulting producer. Sam Register, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin are executive producers.

Fans will also be able to enjoy a range of bonus features including interviews with the filmmakers including Dave Gibbons, J. Michael Straczynski, and more.

Watchmen Chapter I features all all-star voice cast including Matthew Rhys (Dan Dreiberg, Nite Owl), Katee Sackhoff (Laurie Juspeczyk, Silk Spectre) and Titus Welliver (Rorschach, Walter Kovacs), along with Troy Baker (Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias), Adrienne Barbeau (Sally Jupiter, Silk Spectre), Corey Burton (Captain Metropolis), Michael Cerveris (Jonathan Osterman, Dr. Manhattan), Jeffrey Combs (Edgar Jacobi, Moloch), Grey DeLisle, Kelly Hu, John Marshall Jones (Hooded Justice), Max Koch, Phil LaMarr, Yuri Lowenthal (Wally Weaver), Geoff Pierson (Hollis Mason, Nite Owl), Dwight Schultz, Jason Spisak, Kari Wahlgren (Janey Slater), and Rick D. Wasserman (Edward Blake, The Comedian).

Watchmen Chapter I will be available on August 13 to purchase digitally from Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Google Play, Fandango at Home and more. On August 27 the film will be available to purchase on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Discs online and in-store at major retailers. Pre-order your copy now.

Watchmen Chapter II will be released later in 2024.

Chapter 1: In an alternate world history set in 1985, the murder of a government sponsored superhero draws his outlawed colleagues out of retirement and into a mystery that threatens to upend their personal lives and the world itself.

- The Art of Adaptation: Introducing the Story
- Dave Gibbons and Watchmen: Chapters I-VI

4K UHD & Blu-ray Languages: English, Spanish
4K UHD & Blu-ray Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Running Time: 83 min.
Rated: R
*Digital version not available in Canada

SYMPATHY FOR THE UNDERDOG (1971) (Radiance Films Blu-ray Review)


Label: Radiance Films
Region Code: A,B
Duration: 92 Minutes 53 Seconds 
Audio: Japanese PCM 2.O Dual-Mono with Optional English Subtitles 
Video: 1080p HD WIdescreen (2.35:1) 
Director: Kinji Fukasaku
Cast: Koji Tsuruta, Tomisaburo Wakayama, Noboru Ando, Tsunehiko Watase, Akiko Kudô, Kenji Imai, Harumi Sone, Tôru Yuri, Asao Uchida,Hideo Murota, Keijirô Morozumi, Keiichi Kitagawa, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Shôken Sawa, Kaku Takashina, Takashi Hio, Genji Kawai, Shinobu Miura

In director Kinji Fukasaku's (Yakuza Graveyard) Sympathy for the Underdog (1971) former Yakuza gang leader Gunji (Koji Tsuruta, Big Time Gambling Boss) has just been released from prison after a ten year stint, discovering that his former gang in Yokohama has been broken up by a modern corporate-fronted gang. He re-assembles a small group of his former gang members to start a new one that is unaffiliated with the usual Yakuza families, but finds that there is no room for a new gang in the well-established Yokohama territory. He moves his gang to the island of Okinawa, which is occupied by American military after WWII, where there is much less mainland gang influence, getting a foot hold by taking over the profitable bootleg whiskey business, before setting his sights on the docks. This hostile takeover of turf angers the other local Okinawan gang bosses, leading to some uneasy alliances and bloody confrontations. It doesn't exactly rewrite the book on Yakuza cinema but its razor-sharp and visceral. As the anti-hero Koji Tsuruta is terrific, always wearing sunglasses and looking cool at all times, only taking his shades off to have sex - now that's just cool. He's an magnetic character, sticking to his Yakuza code but finding that honor has little place among the new corporate gangs they face, managing to take on powerful syndicates in Okinawa with a relatively small but deadly loyal gang of his own, driven by honor and determination. Eventually one of the gangs teams up with Yakuza from the mainland leading to a total  nihilistic blood-soaked finale. 

The setting on Okinawa adds a new visual wrinkle to the well-worn Yakuza tale, and the cool jazz score by Takeo Yamashita adds another layer to it that stands apart. It's a terrific watch, if you're not too familiar with Yakuza cinema and are curious about it I would say check this out of you have an affinity for violent spaghetti westerns, Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch, or Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, there's familiar themes here that I think will cross-over nicely. 

Audio/Video: Sympathy for the Underdog (1971) makes it;s worldwide Blu-ray debut from Radiance Films, presented in 1080p HD widescreen (2.35:1), sourced from an HD transfer provided by Studio Canal. The source looks great, grain is present and unmolested, and colors look fine. As with many Japanese films of this era there is a slight green lean in spots, a bit of blue push as well, and black are never true black, but overall a solid image with vibrant colors and rich textures throughout. Audio comes by way of Japanese PCM 2.0 dual-mono with optional English subtitles, dialogue sounds good, and moments of gun play and close-quarters action sound fine. 

Extras include a new Audio commentary by yakuza film expert Nathan Stuart; a 27-min Interview with Fukasaku biographer Olivier Hadouchi (2024); and the 26-min That Distant Territory: Visual essay on Okinawa on screen by film historian and author Aaron Gerow (2024); plus the 3-min Trailer

The single-disc release arrives in a clear full-height Scanavo packaging with a Reversible Sleeve of Artwork original and newly commissioned artwork by Time Tomorrow, plus Radiance's signature Removable OBI Strip leaving packaging free of certificates and markings if you so wish. Inside is a 24-Page Limited Edition Booklet featuring new writing by Bastian Meiresonne and an archival review of the film, as well as notes about the cast, crew, transfer, and release credits. 

Special Features: 
- Audio Commentary by yakuza film expert Nathan Stuart (2024)
- Interview with Fukasaku biographer Olivier Hadouchi (2024) (27:05)
- That Distant Territory: Visual essay on Okinawa on screen by film historian and author Aaron Gerow (2024) (25:51)
- Trailer (2:47) 
 -Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Time Tomorrow
- Limited edition booklet featuring new writing by Bastian Meiresonne and an archival review of the film

Screenshots from the Radiance Films Blu-ray: