Monday, December 13, 2010

A letter from SCREAM DREAM (1989) director Donald Farmer

I reviewed director Donald Farmers 1989 shot-on-video feature SCREAM QUEEN back in November when it was released on DVD by SRS Video. The films is an obscure no-budget rock n' roll horror flick along the lines of BLACK ROSES or TRICK OR TREAT that truly left quite a bit to be desired but I admired the lo-fi approach and spirit of the film quite a bit. The director of that film sent me an email and I'm reprinting it here with his permission. It details a bit of his filmography as well as his career as a reality TV actor. Not mentioned in the letter but Don also appeared as an uncredited underground zombie in George A. Romero's  DAY OF THE DEAD (1985).
Hi McBastard,

Thanks for reviewing my 80's movie SCREAM DREAM on your site. . . I think you're the first site to review it since the DVD wasrelease. I agree that old three-quarter inch 80's videography is pretty tough going to watch. I can barely stand to watch it today.

To answer your question about my most recent movie CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS, here's the trailer:

Also, you can see the trailer for my other recent DVD release DEADLY MEMORIES if you type that title into the search window at YouTube. It was actually shot on film and has a little more money in the budget. In real life, the girlfriend of one of the stars (the guy who gets his head drilled) is Maggie Grace, now filming the Twilight movie BREAKING DAWN. Wish she could hook me up with a TWILIGHT sized budget, but not holding my breath.

I'm also a reality TV actor, you can see my clips from a VH1 show I recently did at

Also got some episodes of my online interview show DONALDVISION there.

I did a string of bigger budgeted TV movies in the 90's (COMPELLING EVIDENCE with Brigitte Nielsen, VICIOUS KISS with Margaux Hemingway, BLOOD AND HONOR with Miles O'Keeffe) but now I'm back to lower budgets like on DORM OF THE DEAD and CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS. I also recently did a semi-respectable anti-war documentary called WHOSE WAR that stars Mike Farrell from TVs M*A*S*H and Keith Gordon from CHRISTINE and DRESSED TO KILL. Just type WHOSE WAR into search window at to see a clip.

Thanks again!
Donald Farmer