Monday, December 20, 2010

A Letter from DISMAL's Bill Oberst, Jr.

Last week I posted a review for the backwoods cannibal thriller DISMAL (2009) from director Gary King. I thought the film was a bit on the average side o' things but I was wowed by the stand-out performance from actor Bill Oberst, Jr. as Dale - the patriarch of the cannibal clan. Bill was nice enough to reach out the the Mausoleum via email to update us on a some future projects including a few behind-the-scenes set photos. Super excited for the film NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS (2010) in which bill will portray "Brother John". The film is directed by Joseph Guzman whom directed the fantastic exploitation flick RUN! BITCH RUN! (available from Vicious Circle Films) which I reviewed, great stuff. He also mentions a new MTV horror anthology show which i know nothing about, but my interest has been piqued. Bill seems like one hell of a great guy who enjoys playing not-so-nice guys. Thanks for the email and info Bill!

Hey McBastard,

It's Bill, the guy who played Dale in DISMAL. Just read your review from yesterday. "A foreboding and demented bastard" is now officially my favorite review quote of all time! I am putting it, along with a link to the Mausoleum, on my website right now and also tweeted it. I'll be a regular visitor - love the genre and you guys have a great site. I got a couple things coming out that you might be interested in seeing and reviewing (or ripping a new one if they suck) in 2011 including NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS; a Drew Daywalt film called NAKED and a Devanny Pinn gorefest called VIVID that I just wrapped.

And here's a couple links on the films I mentioned in the mail:


P.S. Ken, here's one more I just got; a behind-the-scenes shot from VIVID of me coming down the alley to creep out the delectable Devanny. Director Brandon Slagle in foreground. I swear, it is so much fun to be repulsive :)


VIVID on Facebook:!/pages/Vivid-the-film/150705361624430

NAKED by Drew Daywalt (cool concept: Orcs run amuk in the 1700's):

Drew is directing MTV's new horror anthology series so will will shoot this one when he is done with their first season in April; co-stars Edin Gali of MADMEN and Maria Olsen of PETER JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS. Creature effects by Jeff Farley (TALES FROM THE CRYPT, BUFFY, etc.) and Peter Giliberti (SPIDER MAN, etc.)

Thanks Ken, for writing back and Merry Christmas ~Bill