Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sergio Martino's giallo classic THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS WARDH coming soon from Shameless

Shameless Screen Entertainment have a few hot pokers in the fire these days, don't they? We can look forward to a blu-ray of Lucio Fulci's THE NEW YORK RIPPER (1983) which while containing some BBFC cuts will also feature footage not seen in any other edition. Then on March 28th Sergio Martino's giallo THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS WARDH (1971) coming to DVD (details below). Then just this week I heard they're working with Ruggero Deodato on an all-new edit of his most infamous film, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Apparently Deodato himself is overseeing production of a new HD master from which the DVD and Blu-ray will be produced.

Release Date: March 28th 2011

REGION: Region 0 PAL
DURATION: 96 mins
DIRECTOR: Sergie Martio
CAST: Edwige Fenech, Ivan Rassimoc, Albert de Mendoza, George Hilton

Shameless Screen Entertainment is proud to present The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh, an absolute, acknowledged classic of giallo cinema. Influential, provocative, and intoxicatingly erotic, this descent into depravity showcases the voluptuous sensuality of the most alluring star of 70’s Italian cinema – the exquisite Edwige Fenech.

Sexy sophisticate Julie Wardh (Fenech) endures a stifling marriage to a distant diplomat (Alberto de Mendoza) in the hope of repressing her perverted past – a sadomasochistic relationship with the sadistic Jean (Ivan Rassimov). Disillusioned with her empty, unloved existence, she succumbs to the amorous advances of suave playboy George (George Hilton) and embarks upon a torrid and passionate affair.

But her happiness may prove short-lived – as Jean makes an unwelcome reappearance, a brutal razor-slasher is making short and very bloody work of the nubile nymphets of Vienna. Could Jean be the sick maniac responsible for the psychosexual slayings? Or does the answer lie somewhere closer, deeper and darker than she could possibly perceive?

Fearing that she too may fall victim to the killer’s blade, tormented, blackmailed and deceived, she spirals into an uncontrollable emotional maelstrom where her deviate desires threaten to reawaken in a welter of sex, sadism and slaughter…

Directed with feverish intensity by genre favorite Sergio Martino (Torso), scribed with serpentine precision by Ernesto Gastaldi, and romantically enriched with the soaring sounds (re-appropriated by Tarantino for Kill Bill 2) of Nora Orlandi The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh marked the coronation of the undisputed Queen of giallo herself, Edwige Fenech, who melts the screen with burning, unbridled carnality. Lashed with all the unabashed nudity, delicious twists and searing sadism that would define the genre’s excesses of sex and violence, The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh is an unmatched pinnacle of giallo cinema.

- English audio and optional Italian with English subtitles.
- All-new 20 minute interview with director Sergio Martino.
- Introduction by director Sergio Martino.
- Shameless Fact Track by Justin Harries.
- Theatrical trailer plus complete Shameless Trailer Park.
- Edwige Fenech bio presentation