Monday, September 3, 2012



Label: Wild Eye Releasing / MVD Visual 
Region: Region 0 NTSC
Duration: 80 Minutes
Rating: Unrated
Video: 16:9 Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Director: Richard Griffin
Cast: Michael Reed, Sarah Nicklin, Ruth Sullivan

Synopsis: Rex Romanski is a 1970s disco swinger who loves and leaves the wrong woman - the wicked black magic priestess Rita Maria. And now it's up to Rex to undo the scorned Rita's rampage of revenge, murder and destruction before she claims more lives, and possesses the soul of the woman he loves. A sexy, irreverent horror comedy - Get Down... and Get Dead!

The Film: In the wake of post-modern grindhouse homages like the truly excellent Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) and the Astron-6's Tromatic  Father's Day (2011) I would expect that any day now I would tire of the the retro aesthetic but after taking in The Disco Exorcist from the makers of the nunsploitation throwback Nun of That (2009) I am pleased to say that retro-grindhouse movement still has a lot to offer fans of sexed-up exploitation.

Our main character is Rex Romanski (Michael Reed, Atomic Brain Invasion) the reigning Lord of Disco at the local dioscoteche where his sexual prowess is legendary - the man can bed any disco diva he pleases and does so under the influence of a mountain of nose-candy and weed. It's on the dance floor  where Rex  meets the sexy ginger-haired Rita Marie (Ruth Sullivan, Nun of That) and the two burn up the dance floor and the set Rex's on fire in a heated passion. The two are quite an item until Rex unceremoniously dumps Rita on the dance floor for porn-star Amoreena Jones (Sarah Nicklin, Beyond the Dunwich Horror) . Not only is Rita psychotically jealous but as it happens is also a practitioner of the black arts and she places a curse upon the adult-film starlet causing her to become possessed by a dick-shredding demon and much cocaine-sniffing and raunchy sexploitation hilarity ensues.

If you love tits and crude sexual humor you are in for a treat because this film  is just oozing with a ton of both, there's more nudity in this sexploitation-comedy than in any film I have seen in quite a long time, it nears porno levels of flesh at times, and I gotta say I loved every minute of  it. The scripts is smart and clever and ripe with  quotable one-liners like just after a raunchy sex-session Amoreena utters this post-coital nugget to Rex, "You should probably take it out of me. I’ve got to pee." - it's sorta like Troma but actually funny from start to finish and every bit as offensive. The acting is spot-on for what the film is - it's deadpan and cheesy and the real standout is  actor Michael Reed as Rex Romanski the guy is a real charmer and one can see why his character is such a lady-magnet, He's a regular of the Scorpio Film Releasing titles and I definitely you check 'em all out.

The make-up effects are pretty fantastic too, much better than what I would have expected from a micro-budget film - definite props to the make-up and special effects artists on the film, very well done with some great moments of gore and lots of blood. Likewise the digitally enhanced damaged-print effects are superb. Originally the film was intended to be shot on super 8mm for aesthetic effects but when that proved beyond the budget the decision was made to go digital and he effect is probably the best I've seen complete with audio snap, crackle and pops - really authentic stuff that just pulls you right into the sleazy 70's vibe which is enhanced in no small part by the amazing score from Owen Thompson and Timothy Fife which is just spot-on superb with moments that recalled Tenebre-era Goblin. 

The filmmakers have really captured the essence of sleazy 70's exploitation with massive amounts of cheesy-awesomeness loaded with 70's disco fashion, lava lamps, orgies, hairy bush and huge knockers  and what seems like a post-dubbed dialogue that gave me the sense of watching a 70's Italian schlocker.

For a low-rent cheese-fest the film is really well-shot and lit, it's a pretty slick looking production with a nice homage to Brian De Palma's Carrie (1976) thrown in when the shit starts hitting the fan   - there's some definite skill behind this exploitation throwback and director Richard Griffin is one to watch having already seen his film Beyond the Dunwich Horror (2008) I am pretty excited to seek out his take on the nunsploitation genre Nun of That (2009).  Also, you can look forward to a sequel called The Brother of The Disco Exorcist which is in pre-production as we speak. 

Special Features:
- Director's Commentary
- Deleted Scene (0:42) 16x9
- Original Teaser Trailer (1:01) 16x9
- Red Band Trailer (2:24) 16x9

- Green Band Trailer (2:24) 16x9 
- Wild Eye "Hijacked" Trailer (1:09) 16x9 

Verdict: The name says it all - The Disco Exorcist - it's every bit as cheesy as the title would imply and it's freaking awesome. If you love retro-70's exploitation, tits and sleaze this deserves a space on your shelf. Definitely a film with re-watch value and one I can't wait to unleash upon a couch full of unsuspecting drunken friends - one Hell of a fun watch. 
3.5 Outta 5