Monday, February 3, 2014



Label: Vinegar Syndrome

Region: Region-FREE
Duration: 128 Minutes
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio: English Dolby Digital Mono
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Cast: Chris Cassidy, Kristine Heller, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Jack Wright

The fine purveyors of filth and sleaze over at Vinegar Syndrome have put together this XXX double feature from porn auteur Anthony Spinelli from 1977. Both films are of the plot-driven porno variety and feature attractive women doing a lot of naughty things.

In Expectations (1977) we start of with some sex of course, nicely lit with a blue light and ending with a a damn decent blow job. The woman performing this delightful oral routine  is Margo (Delania Raffino) and she's bored with her upper crust lifestyle. To cure this malaise she sets in motion a plan to swap lives with a young hippie-type named Montana (Chris Cassidy). The two women meet-up and exchange IDs and apartments and Margo heads off to Montana's little bungalow - it's just that easy. Margo arrives at the quaint apartment and its not long before there's a knock a the door. A young and young mustached stud enters and pretty much forces himself on her - while it starts out a bit rough she's completely game for this new experience after a few seconds. This guys corny sex-talk is hilarious, you gotta hear it. 

Meanwhile blond hippie Montana is back at Margo's pad sifting through jewelery and making herself comfy in the new surroundings when Margo's one-eyed brother Vincent (Jack Wright) arrives looking for his sister. After some small talk the two get down to the expected sex-stuff and she takes on the persona of Margo which gives the encounter weird incestuous overtones, plus that eye-patch is just the most ridiculous thing ever. 

Montana sends a female companion over to Margo for her very first interracial woman-on-woman encounter. For all of a 1/2 second she seems resistant but she cums around nicely to the idea and we end up with a sweetly intimate encounter. However, when Montana boasts to Margo that she fucked her brother and indulged his incestuous fantasies she calls off the swap but not before some Margo-on-Montana sex action, oh yeah.  This one was a nice slice of x-rated entertainment shot fairly well and with an intriguing (enough) framing device. I loved the 70's styles and the hardcore sex is dirty and hot with no shortage of bush, blow jobs, and glistening genitalia. 

The second feature Confessions (1977) starts when a married couple wake in bed together. The husband Gary wakes-up with a skull-pounding headache after a night of drinking. Fortunately his wife Beth (Kristine Heller) sucks away his brain pain with a morning blow job and when he finishes-up on her face she cleans-up his love gun with her tongue, she's a nice lady! The selfish fucker jumps in the shower and is off to work without even reciprocating - what a shitter. 

Unsatisfied in bed Beth decides to explore other sexual avenues throughout the course of the day. Her husband refers to himself in the third person, he's obviously a douche nozzle. Before you know it Beth's sucking biker-cock (and not very well according to him) so he gives her an impromptu lesson in fellatio. At a party later that night she screws Gary's boss in the bathroom after giving him one of those newly practiced blow jobs while the films inter cuts between a party guest eating a banana, she was so into it assume she's dreaming of a cock between those lips. Later she answers a personal ad to dominate a woman's submissive husband (Jack Wright again minus the eye-patch), she does it so well that she's rewarded with a prolonged carpet munching session from the grateful wife who tongue-darts her to a screaming orgasm. Her thirst for sex  not quite quenched she resorts to one final excursion - prostitution. This one made me wonder what kind of weirdo would go-down an a prostitute! I love it when the john inquires "How Much?" and she responds "$200" which he scoffs "I wanna fuck you, not support you". 

Kristine Heller is quite a looker with a gorgeous body and the camera loves every inch of her, for the most part she has some decent acting chops when they're called upon - which is not that often to be honest - but once again the premise is an just interesting enough to pull the various sex scenes together into a semi-coherent films 

You just don't see hairy pussy and cock-shaft like this anymore, t was a seedier time when porn wasn't streaming online for free and you had to seek it out in cum-stained theaters projected  - now thanks to Vinegar Syndrome you can watch it on DVD for cheap at home.

The DVD from Vinegar Syndrome presents both films in anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1) with English Dolby Digital Mono audio with no subtitles. Scanned from 2K film elements the transfers look nice with . strong color reproduction and clarity, the crispness is generally quite nice with only a few instances of print damage. The mono audio is decent and the score and dialogue sound nice with some underlying minor hiss but it's not distracting. No special features for either film on this set, the budget-minded Drive-In double features from VS rarely sport commentary tracks but there's only so much you can say about a fuck tape

Verdict: Another fun x-rated double-feature from the filth preservationists over at Vinegar Syndrome who are on quite a run this past year with obscure slices of nasty cinema. If I had to pick my preference I'm going with the swap identity turn-on of Expectations (1977) a filthy piece of cinema with a fun premise and plenty of the requisite seedy sex scenes. If you're looking for a quality double-dose of 70's hairy-bushed porn this double feature is just what you're looking for.  2.5 Outta 5