Wednesday, October 29, 2014


BD/DVD Combo
Label: Mondo Macabro
Region Code: ALL
Rating: Unrated
Duration: 75 Minutes
Video: Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio: English DTS 5.1 Surround
Director: Sean Hogan
Cast: Billy Clarke, Jack Gordon, Jonathan Hansler, Harry Miller

In the indie Brit horror film THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS (2011) we have a seasoned hitman named Pinner (Billy Clark) and his nervous ward Cully (Jack Gordon) breaking into a home and waiting for the owner Krist (Jonathan Hansler) to return home from the opera. It turns out that they've been sent there by gangster boss Bruno (Harry Miller) to put a hit on Krist for reasons unknown to either but which are revealed eventually.

As they wait in the dark Pinner amuses the inquisitive newbie with the story of a hit he performed on a stripper some years earlier, it's a hypnotic tale which sets a haunting tone and atmosphere right from the start, it also helps they're alone in the house with the lights turned out. As Pinner seems about ready to wrap up the story there's a loud noise from outside - which startled me as I was so into the story he was telling. The hitmen search the house and find nothing at first until they uncover some weird occult altar and a dead baby in the basement, now things start to get very strange as this crime films turns into an occult chiller.

A very tightly scripted movie that is basically three men in a single location, a very simple set-up and execution. The film will either be made or unmade largely on the performance of our leading man Billy Clark as the seasoned Pinner, and were in luck because he's quite a presence and has a quiet menace about him. His young ward Cully played by Jack warden is green and nervous and just can't keep his mouth shut, the two play off each other wonderfully. Krist, the mysterious target of the hit, is played by Jonathan Hansler and he proves to be more of a supernatural threat than either hitman could have imagined at the start of the night, what started as a seemingly routine hit turns quite deadly and otherworldly.

THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS is presented in the scope aspect ratio and is framed quite nicely. The film is set over the course of one night and and thankfully the black levels are excellent with good contrast and a crisp image with some nice use of colored lighting which makes for a visually pleasing experience even though this is obviously shot on the cheap, it doesn't mean it cannot look stylish. Audio options include English 2.0 and 5.1 and both are clean and well balanced with composer Justin Greaves score coming through nicely.

Mondo Macabro stack the disc with a wealth of interesting extras beginning with an audio commentary from the producer an director. There's over an hour of additional interviews with producer Jennifer Handorf, director Sean Hogan, actor Billy Clark and composer.. Finishing u the extras we have three music videos and an outtake.

No shortage of extras on this is a dual-format release from Mondo Macabro which includes a standard-definition DVD with the film and the same extras. 


Devils' Business EPK (9 Minutes) 
- Interview with writer/director Sean Hogan (26 Minutes)
- Interview with Producer Jennifer Handorf (13 Minutes)
- Director and Producer audio commentary
- Interview with actor Billy Clarke (13 Minutes) 

- Interview with composer Justin Greaves (16 Minutes)
- 3 Music videos by Crippled Black Phoenix and Se Delan (15 Minutes)
- Outtake (1 Minute) 

- Mondo Macabro trailers (9 Minutes) 

VERDICT: A surprising entry from Mondo Macabro who typically specialize in exotic horror and sleaze of the vintage sort from around the world. A very well crafted slice of creepy cinema from Sean Hogan with a fine performance from Billy Clark that defines the film. Loads of atmosphere and chills to be had here inside of an interesting genre mash-up combining elements of a crime thriller with a nice occult edge.