Friday, June 26, 2015

Giallo-Styled Greek Thriller THE WIFE KILLER (1976) on DVD 8/18 from MONDO MACABBRO!


Label: Mondo Macabro
Release Date: August 18th 2015
Duration: 87 Minutes
Video: Full Screen (1.33:1)
Audio:  English Dolby Digital Mono with English subtitles
Region 1
Director: Dacosta Carayan
Cast: Larry Daniels, Dorothy Moore, Vagelis Seilinos, Leslie Bowman, Dimitris Bislanis

Synopsis: Penniless playboy Captain Jim is in hock to his rich older wife, Helen. She has even bought him the fancy yacht that now bears his name. But Jim does not want to be Helen's toy boy any more. He wants to marry his lover, Laura. He pays a psychopathic killer of women to murder Helen so that he will inherit his wife's millions. But the psycho killer has his own plans. Suspecting Jim will double cross him, he engineers a complex scheme that will give him the upper hand. Very much in the style of the violent and baroque "Giallo" thrillers from 1970s Italy, The Wife Killer is a twisted, shocking and brutal exploration of the devious male psyche. Previously only released to cinemas in a cut version, this is the first official DVD release of the film in the U.S., complete and uncensored. He forced his victims to submit to abnormal sexual behavior...

Bonus Features:
- Brand new transfer from film negative
- Uncut Version
- Greek/English audio choices
- Newly created optional subtitles
- Extensive production notes
- Interview with producer
- Documentary on Greek Cult Cinema
- Trailers

- Mondo Macabro previews