Saturday, November 21, 2015



Label: Impulse Pictures

Region Code: 1
Rating: Unrated Duratin: 61 minutes
English: English Dolby Migital Mono 
Video: Full-Frame (1.33:1) Presentation
Director: Zebedy Colt
Cast: Spalding Gray, Gayle Leonard, Susan McBain, Nancy Dare, Jon Black

Synopsis: An innocent afternoon of spying on their parents having sex (and then forcibly sexually assaulting the farm hand) turns even more vile for three daughters when escaped convicts pick their farm to hide from the cops! A horrifying, hardcore afternoon of assault, torture and incest follows as the convicts take advantage of the entire family, culminating in a shocking, perverted game of “Simon Says” and a weirdly mixed and edited final montage. This film is the very definition of “hardcore,” and one of the most eyebrow raising films in the Impulse Pictures library!

What starts off as a goofy hayseed porno with a trio of sisters watching their ma and pa bone through a bedroom window increasing turns darker and darker as the events unfold. Farmer's Daughters (1976) is a hairy-bushed slice of  '70s porn laced with enough unflattering close-ups of pussy-penetration that it might put you off of eating hot dogs for a while afterward, haha. 

After seeing their hayseed parents bump uglies for awhile the trio of sexy young ladies, one with a notably gorgeous ass framed in a pair of knock out cut off shorts, are interrupted by the annoying farm hand Fred, which they don;t seem to appreciate much at all. They drag poor Fred back to the barn and have their way with him, sucking on his cock, forcing hm to eat pussy, mounting him and threatening to bite his cock off between moans of pleasure. When they've had their fill of Fred's johnson they unleash a barrage of golden-showers upon him. 

After that the movie takes a turn for the darker aspects of "roughie" porno when three thugs show up at the farm armed with guns. They force the bearded father to watch his wife be raped, forced to perform various sex acts. The movie started off with a playful with the daughters watching mom and dad bone, but now we have a weird version of The Last Farm on the Left, and it's played very straight without any humor. When they've had their fun with tormenting mom they move onto the trio of young ladies, sodomizing them while they cry that it hurts... damn, this is getting darker by the second and makes for some uneasy viewing, despite that this looks like it cost about a buck to make and the acting is awful I have to say it certainly captured a lewd depravity that made for an uneasy watch. 

But fear not, the thugs didn't notice the farm hand Fred from earlier , whom has since escaped from his bondage and wiped away the urine and found a gun. He shows up and shoots one of the thugs, but is still pissed-off about the whole rape and golden-showers scenario that played out earlier. His first order of business is forcing the mom to suck his cock before moving on to worse things, such as forcing the father to have sex with his daughter, and forcing the daughters to sex-up the mom... yep, we've gone to incest folks. 

This was a crazy watch, I don't have a lot of experience with '70s roughies so this was quite an eye-opener. It started off with a playful porn scenario but went dark  and kept getting darker, and I must say it didn't do much for me in any arousing way, but I have to give it props for the story premise, a weird hayseed version of Wes Craven's Last House on the Left. I also liked that it had it's own bluegrass theme song, and the corny dialogue is worth the price of admission alone, the low-budget hairy-bushed porn is just a cum-drizzled bonus. Not my cup of tea but o each their own.