Monday, September 21, 2020

BLADE: THE IRON CROSS Now on Blu-ray and DVD from FULL MOON!


Full Moon delivers the 12th and most terrifying PUPPET MASTER movie yet in director John Lechago's imaginative horror thriller BLADE: THE IRON CROSS. And starting NOW, you can grab your own copy only at!

BLADE: THE IRON CROSS tells the tale of Dr. Hauser, the Third Reich's maddest scientist, who rises once more with murder and mayhem on his mind. As the deranged Nazi doctor's perverse plot is revealed, psychic journalist Elisa Ivanov awakens her own angel of death in Blade and together, maiden and marionette get set to hammer the evil Hauser back into hell where he belongs.

Take home the movie that says "Feels like a throwback to classic Full Moon films!" available now, ahead of its wide retail release later this year. Blu-ray ($16.95) and DVD ($9.95) ONLY at!

Sick science, punishing puppets, clairvoyant crusaders and a legion of fascist zombies...what's not to love?