Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Severin Films goes 4K Ultra HD on 3/30 with a pair of Álex De La Iglesia Classics, plus batshit crazy Klaus Kinski and exploitation legend Harry Novak on Blu-ray with new distributor MVD

This March, Severin Films enters the world of Ultra High-Definition with two classics directed by Spanish Cinema maverick Álex de la Iglesia. Both DAY OF THE BEAST and PERDITA DURANGO: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT are now scanned in 4K from the original camera negatives and overstuffed with all-new bonus material. Both releases will be two discs; one containing the film’s UHD transfer + trailer and the second with Blu-ray + Special Features. In addition, an exclusive line of frankly unsettling PERDITA DURANGO merchandise will be available in The Severin Store. March 30th also sees the unleashing of Klaus Kinski’s infamous NOSFERATU IN VENICE – including a startling new 82-minute documentary on Kinski’s final years – and one of the sickest shockers from legendary ‘70s exploitation producer Harry Novak, A SCREAM IN THE STREETS. Exclusive bundles for the four titles, including limited-edition slipcases, will be available only via the Severin website. All four releases also mark the launch of Severin’s new distribution agreement with MVD Entertainment Group for physical distribution.


Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Spanish 2.0 Stereo, Spanish 5.1 Surround, English Dub 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles: English
Region: ALL/0

In between his cult hit debut ACCIÓN MUTANTE and proudly depraved PERDITA DURANGO, writer/director Álex de la Iglesia delivered the international smash that remains one of the best horror comedies of our time: When a rogue priest (Álex Angulo of PAN’S LABYRINTH) discovers the exact date The Antichrist will be born, he’ll enlist a Death Metal record store clerk (Santiago Segura of KILLER BARBYS) and a cheesy TV psychic (Armando De Razza) for an urban spree of “gore, sacrilege and twisted humor” (San Francisco Examiner) to prevent the Apocalypse by summoning Satan himself. Terele Pávez (800 BULLETS) co-stars in this “classic of modern Spanish cinema” (Screen Anarchy) – winner of 6 Goya Awards including Best Director – now restored in 4k from the original negative and loaded with all-new Special Features.

Special Features:
- Heirs Of The Beast - Feature Length Documentary by Diego López and David Pizarro on the Making and Cultural Impact of DAY OF THE BEAST
- Antichrist Superstar - Interview with Director Alex De La Iglesia
- The Man Who Saved the World - Interview with Actor Armando De Razza
- Beauty and the Beast - Interview with Actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta
- Shooting The Beast - Interview with Director Of Photography Flavio Martínez Labiano
- Mirindas Asesinas - 1990 Short Film by Alex De La Iglesia
- Trailers
- Slipcase on UHD & Blu-ray
- Reversible UHD & Blu-ray wrap


Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Audio: 2.0 English/5.1 English/5.1 Spanish Dub with Closed Captions
Region Free

For his English-language debut, writer/director Álex de la Iglesia (DAY OF THE BEAST) chose novelist Barry Gifford’s prequel to WILD AT HEART featuring sociopath priestess Perdita Durango. But when the U.S. distributor saw the finished film, they slashed 10+ minutes of gleefully profane sex & violence and dumped it under the title DANCE WITH THE DEVIL. Severin is proud to present the complete Director’s Cut starring Oscar nominee Rosie Perez and Academy Award® winner Javier Bardem in the “amoral love story” (DVD Talk) filled with human sacrifices, kidnapping, murder, fetus trafficking and the dogged DEA agent (James Gandolfini) on the trail of it all. Don Stroud (DJANGO UNCHAINED), Demián Bichir (THE HATEFUL EIGHT), Alex Cox (REPO MAN) and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins co-star in this “splendidly irresponsible” (Moria) joyride to the dark side, now restored in 4k with all-new Special Features.

Special Features:
Disc 1: UHD
- Trailer
Disc 2: Blu-ray
- On The Border – Interview with Director Alex De La Iglesia
- Writing PERDITA DURANGO – Interview with Writer Barry Gifford
- Dancing With The Devil – An Appraisal By Film Scholar Dr. Rebekah McKendry
- NARCOSATANICOS: PERDITA DURANGO and the Matamoros Cult – Interview with Abraham Castillo Flores and ‘Cauldron of Blood’ Author Jim Schutze
- Canciones de Amor Maldito: The Music of PERDITA DURANGO – Interview with Composer Simon Boswell
- Shooting Perdita Durango – Interview with Director of Photography Flavio Labiano
- Trailer


Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Audio: English mono & Italian mono with optional closed captions
Region Free

What was intended to be an unofficial sequel to Werner Herzog’s NOSFERATU instead became one of the most notoriously fascinating productions in EuroCult history: Klaus Kinski – “now fully in the grip of the ‘batsh*t crazy’ phase of his career” (Rock! Shock! Pop!) – gives his penultimate performance as the legendary vampire resurrected in modern-day Venice with an insatiable hunger for warm blood and rough sex. Donald Pleasence and Academy Award® winner Christopher Plummer co-star in this sumptuously insane shocker that features music by Oscar® winner Vangelis (CHARIOTS OF FIRE), employed five different directors – including Mario Caiano (NIGHTMARE CASTLE), Luigi Cozzi (PAGANINI HORROR), writer/producer Augusto Caminito and reportedly Kinski himself – and still delivers “one eye-popping scene after another” (Cinema Retro), now scanned in 2k from the original negative.

Special Features:
- Creation is Violent – Anecdotes From Kinski’s Final Years
- Additional Cast & Crew Interviews
- Trailer
- Webstore Exclusive Slipcover


Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 + 1.85:1
Audio: English mono with optional closed captions
Region Free

From infamous producer Harry Novak – whose Box Office International Pictures brought the world such classics as AXE, MANTIS IN LACE and WHAM BAM THANK YOU, SPACEMAN – comes the still-startling sickie about a pair of L.A.P.D. detectives hunting a transvestite psychopath through a polyester jungle of massage parlor perverts, suburban sex fiends, violence-crazed cops and “one of the worst examples of cross-dressing ever filmed” (Digitally Obsessed). Joshua Bryant (ENTER THE DEVIL), Sandy Carey (DRIVE-IN MASSACRE), Linda York (CHAIN GANG WOMEN) and Sharon Kelly (aka ‘80s adult film superstar Colleen Brennan) star in this “garish display of rampant depravity” (Pulp International) directed by Carl Monson (PLEASE DON’T EAT MY MOTHER!), now scanned uncut in 2K from the original negative and throbbing with Special Features.

Special Features:
- The Peeper – Two Sexy Shorts Produced From A SCREAM IN THE STREETS Outtakes
- Trailers
- Reversible Cover Art
- Webstore Exclusive Slipcover

And of course Severin has an insane amount of inappropriate merchandize bundles and merchandise:

The New Bundles
Day of the Bundle [Limited to 300]

March 2021 UHD/Blu-ray Bundle

The de la Iglesia Bundle: 4K Ultra HD

The de la Iglesia Bundle: Blu-ray

Nosferatu in Venice Bundle

Individual Listings
Perdita Durango 4K Ultra HD

Perdita Durango Blu-ray w/Slip

Perdita Durango DVD

Day of the Beast 4K Ultra HD

Day of the Beast Blu-ray w/ slip

Day of the Beast DVD

Nosferatu in Venice LE Blu-ray

Nosferatu in Venice Standard Blu-ray

Nosferatu in Venice DVD

A Scream in the Streets LE Blu-ray

A Scream in the Streets Standard Blu-ray

A Scream in the Streets DVD

The Theatre Bizarre Standard Blu-ray

The Attic Expeditions Standard Blu-ray

Plague Town Standard Blu-ray

Tales of the Uncanny Standard Blu-ray

Castle of the Creeping Flesh Standard Blu-ray

Brand New Merchandise
Day of the Beast T-shirt (by Pallbearer Press)

Perdita Durango Womens T-shirt

Severin Films Hall of Fame Enamel Pin #16: Álex de la Iglesia (by Pixel Elixir)

Severin Films Hall of Fame Enamel Pin #14: Klaus Kinski (by Pseudo Ludo)

Perdita Durango Enamel Pin (by Pixel Elixir)

Perdita Durango Temporary Tattoo

Perdita Durango Art Print (by Pixel Elixir)

Floaty Vampire Pen

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