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(2021) DVD

Label: IndiePix Unlimited 
Region Code: 1
Rating: Unrated 
Duration: 77 Minutes 
Audio: Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo with Optional English Subtitles 
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Director:‎ Emilio Silva Torres

In the documentary Straight To VHS (2021) director Emilio Silva Torres attempts to track down the people responsible for the obscure cult-film Act of Violence In A Young Journalist, a notorious direct-to-video film from Uruguay that is both inept in an SOV sort of way but has some sort of deeper appeal. As director Torres attempts to track down the enigmatic director Manuel Lamas, who reportedly disappeared without a trace after it's release, he manages to interview some of his collaborators and film historians, some of which oddly back out at the last minute or refuse to appear on camera, which only creates more of an air of mystery around the elusive director and this potentially cursed film.  It's an interesting film, and to be honest I am unsure if this is a real doc or fictional doc, though I assume the latter, but the way it's structured and the places it goes really struck a chord with me. I am not even sure I like the film, but it is interesting regardless. 

Special Features: 
- The Infamous Classis 'Actor de Violencia en Una Joven Periodista' in Spanish with English Subtitles 
- Trailer 


Label: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Rating: Unrated 
Duration: 373 Minutes 
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 with Optional English Subtitles 
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Cast: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove 

Curb Your Enthusiasm is easily one of my favorite shows of all-time, in it Seinfeld co-creator Larry David plays an only slightly over-the-top version of himself as he navigates through his unnecessarily difficult day-tio-day life in L.A. with his manager Jeff Garlin and a cast of characters that includes Susie Essman (as Jeff’s wife Susie), Cheryl Hines (as Larry’s ex-wife Cheryl), JB Smoove (as Larry's housemate Leon), and Richard Lewis and Ted Danson as his longtime, but much put upon friends. Season 11 Larry as per the usual finding himself in hot water as he sets about trying to pitch a new show, Young Larry, to the streaming platforms, while also getting involved in local politics, attempting to thwart a city ordinance to require fencing around home pools, after a man drowns in his pool. This requires courting an offbeat councilwoman (Tracey Ullman), and some interesting side stories like mending robes for the Klu Klux Klan! At eleven seasons the show is still going strong and making me laugh and cringe, often at the same time, and for that I love the show, as where Seinfeld was a show about nothing I think Curb Your Enthusiasm has always been a show about an acerbic but likable asshole. 

(2020-2021) DVD

Label: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment 
Region Code:
Rating: Unrated 
Duration: 900 Minutes 
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 with Optional English subtitles 
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt

This continuing story of the original fallen angel is based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, formerly airing on Fox before being cancelled, but then revived as a Netflix original. IOf you're not familiar with it, like myself before wathcing this fifth season, in it Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has abandoned Hell for L.a. where he runs the nightclub Lux and becomes and occasionally assists Los Angeles Police Department Detective Chloe Decker (Laura German)> I must admit that I was totally lost coming into the fifth season cold, but thanks to the charisma of the lead as Morningstar and his charming detective sidekick (love interest?) I am actually quite keen to restart from the first season and give this series a proper watch. A glossy and stylish shoe with a very cool, sometimes diabolical, premise with a terrific cast, This season Lucifer investigates the murder of a nun, trades places with his brother in hell, takes on musicals, is visited by God, and adventures into a black and white murder mystery in the 1940's. As I said, I am a bit lost coming into the fifth season with zero history with the show but I dig it quite a bit.  

Special Features: 
- Deleted Scenes (4 min) 
- Gag Reel (4 min) 


Label: Warner Bos. Home Entertainment 
Region Code: 1
Rating: Unrated 
Duration: 137 Minutes 
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 with Optional English Subtitles 
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 
Director: Keith Pakiz 
Cast: Cooper Andrews, Gillian Jacobs, Thomas Lennon, Dana Snyder, Andrew Morgado

In the Warner Bros. Animation series Aquaman: King of Atlantis was a three-part mini-series now that premiered on HBO Max, it's now available on DVD as a feature-length movie. In it the newly crowned Aquaman: King of Atlantis along with the the water-controlling warrior princess Mera, must deal with rowdy surface dwellers, elder evils from beyond time and the repeated attempts of his half-brother Ocean Master to dethrone him. This is a kiddie-friendly cartoon with some awesome psychedelic animation that brought to The Amazing World of Gumball by way of Adventure Time. The story telling is madcap, kinetic and always a sight to behold - I love toons that make me think the animators are eating edibles when they scratch it out, and this definitely made me think that, so I loved it. It just so happened i had a few younger kids over the day I threw this on and they were transfixed, as was I, so kudos to the animation team and storytellers for the offbeat and highly entertaining animated DC tale. It wasn't what I expected, super-zany in the best sort of way.  
Blu-ray + Digital 

Label: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment 
Region Code: A
Rating: R
Duration: 103 Minutes 
Audio: English DTS-HD MA 5.1 with Optional English Subtitles 
Video: 1080p HD Widescreen 
Director: John Pogue 
Cast: Michael Weiss, Dominic Sherwood, Patty Reed, Jacky Lai, Hunt Lowry

Eraser: Reborn (2022) is a pretty mediocre reboot of the mid-90's property that previously starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. I never watched the original film, it didn't interest me, and having seen this version about U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard who specializes in “erasing” people – faking the deaths of high-risk witnesses, I can safely say I have no interest in seeking out the 90's film or re-watching this one. . In it Pollard is assigned to "erase" Rina Kimura, a crime boss’ wife who’s decided to turn state’s evidence, fleeing with her to Cape Town, South Africa. However, she also stole a pass key that will unlock a ton of crime money, and her ex has sent assassins to kill her. The hand-to-hand action is actually pretty decent, if you just want a one-and-done thriller it might fit the bill, but the characters and acting are bland, the story unnecessarily convoluted, and this has some of the worst and most unnecessary CGI rendered animals put on film I've seen in a long time, it's super-bad. The A/V presentation is pretty decent, with WB also offering a slipcase and digital copy of the film, plus a 10-min featurette. It's an easy one-and-done that might make a decent early in the week watch but don't ruin your weekend by programming this dud. 

Special Features: 
- The Warrior and the Witness: Making Eraser: Reborn (10 min) 
- Digital Copy 

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