Saturday, April 20, 2024


By Nico B 
252-Page Hardcover Book

Label: Cult Epics
Author: Nico B 
Pages: 252 Pages w/over 300 Color/B&W images
Size: 8.25 x 11 x 1 inches
Distributor: SCB Distributors

"For me, cinema is a dream that becomes true. What I cannot do in reality I try to do in movies. My scenes
are not connected by logic, but by analogy. In this way, they proceed like poetry and dreams. - Tinto Brass

Italian director Tinto Brass (1933) is a director best known for the soft adult films he shot in the 1970s and 1980s—his most famous being Salon Kitty (1976), The Key (1983) with, and of course Caligula (1979), which was produced by Bob Guccione, the notorious founder of Penthouse magazine, which the producer notoriously took away from Brass and has re-edited. I myself am more familiar with his later ladies posterior-obsessed softcore films like Paprika (1991), All Ladies Do It (1992), Frivolous Lola (1998), and Cheeky! (2000), so opening up this comprehensive coffee table tome I was literally exposed be to a filmography of an adventurous artists who was  masters of many genres, like the title indicates, from the avant-garde to the erotics, as well as gialli and thrillers.  What Nico B has done her is present an eye-catching film-by-film guide exploring the maestro's varied filmography as well as offering biography of his life and career. Th films are broken down into four main categories; we have The Avant Garde (1963-1966), Experimental Arthouse (1967-1972), Sex & Anarchy (1976-1980), and Erotica (1983-2009), plus a chapter dedicated to his Remaining and Unfinished Works, and a couple-pages at the end dedicated to all the Brass titles released by Cult Epics to date, so far - there's more on the way! It was Cult Epics who first brought Brass to my attention when I picked up their Brass DVD 3-film box set The Tinto Brass Collection Volume III at a secondhand shop years ago, the set containing a trio of his late-60's offerings including Deadly Sweet, The Howl and Attraction, and I later picked up the labels excellent Tinto Brass: Maestro of the Erotic Cinema Blu-ray boxset, so it seems only fitting that Cult Epics' Nico B would spearhead this enthusiastic film-by-film dissection of Tinto Brass's adventurous cinematic career. 

There's plenty of quotes direct from Brass himself here, adding context to his filmography and his thoughts about the films and challenged he faced. The details about the frenzied re-editing of Caligula stuffed with hours of XXX-inserts shot by Guccione is particularly fascinating to me. This like Cult Epics previous coffee table book Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol by author Jeremy Richie is quite a gorgeous endeavor, and if you're fan of Brass' this deep-diving and comprehensive coffee table book should be total cinematic catnip.  

The 252-Pages Tinto-tastic tome features over 300 color/B&W images; measuring a healthy 8.25 x 11 x 1 inches, the hardcover book arrives with attractive Dustjacket, with artwork unique separate from the Hardcover artwork beneath. Tucked away inside I also found a gorgeous tri-fold poster for the film Forbidden Therefore Irresistible. It's a very handsome coffee table book chock full of not just fantastic writing on each of the film but vibrant and titillating poster artworks, lobby cards and behind-the-scenes images that are a treasure trove of titillating treats for fans of the kinky cinema of Tinto Brass. 

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