Friday, April 29, 2011

Actor Bill Oberst Jr. Prepares To Get HAUNTED And Shoot NAKED

Actor Bill Oberst Jr. is not only a  friend of the blog but one hell of a busy scary guy these days. He currently  has no less than four film projects in the works including the lead The Asylum's   spooky 3-D feature A HAUNTING IN SALEM. This guy is definitely making his presence known in the horror community in a big way. Oberst also appears in director Joseph Guzman's exploitation film NUDE NUNS WITH BIG GUNS (2010) which is a film I hope will get a  release sometime this year here in the states.

Source: Press release from Bill Oberst Jr.

(Los Angeles) Actor Bill Oberst Jr. is preparing for back-to-back lead roles in major horror projects: The Asylum's 3-D feature A HAUNTING IN SALEM and Drew Daywalt's ambitious 18th century horror short NAKED.

A HAUNTING IN SALEM begins principal photography tomorrow (April 30) in Los Angeles. Oberst is cast in the lead role of a newly-arrived Sheriff in the community of Salem, Massachusetts. The film co-stars Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone and Nicholas Harsin. Asylum favorite Shane Van Dyke directs from a script by H. Perry Horton which spans in time from 1692 to the present.

Oberst jumps directly from wrap on A HAUNTING IN SALEM into the lead in Drew Daywalt's ensemble cast for NAKED, also starring Edin Gali of AMC's series MAD MEN, Maria Olsen of PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF and Gilbert Chavarria. The NAKED script by Daywalt, who recently wrapped production as director on season one episodes of MTV's upcoming horror series DEATH VALLEY, combines elements of Native American spiritual beliefs and Old World European superstitions to create a new mythology set in the New World of the early 1700's. A German settler (Oberst) enlists the help of his brother (Gali) and a Native American (Chavarria) to track down an Orc (Olsen) whom he blames for the death of his son.

Daywalt has enlisted big-name friends to help make the world of NAKED come to life. The film's Orc creature effects will be personally created by frequent Daywalt collaborator Jeff Farley (TROPIC THUNDER, BUFFY, BABYLON FIVE, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, etc) and digital effects will be by Peter Giliberti (SPIDERMAN films, WATCHMEN, PRIEST, etc.)

Set pic from The Bloodlet
Oberst is in the middle of a four-film horror streak; earlier this week he wrapped a cameo in J.R. McGarrity's feature film THE BLOODLET and a lead in Thomas Mentel's dark short OVERTIME. THE BLOODLET shoot, for which Oberst was a living, though decomposing, suicide victim, reconnected him with Dean Jones of American Make-Up and Effects. Jones was Oberst's make-up artist for director Michael Landon Jr.'s TV-movie THE SHUNNING, which recently aired on The Hallmark Channel with Oberst as the male lead, and Jone's protege Heather Galipo did the makeup honors for Oberst's spilled intestines on BLOODLET.

Set pic from Overtime

In writer/director Thomas Mentel's festival-bound short OVERTIME, Oberst plays a factory worker on a midnight shift who begins to see terrifying apparitions in the shadows around the machinery, including the ghost of his long-dead fiancee who wants an embrace; and an animalistic alter-ego of himself in a gas mask.