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On 12th March, 88 Films releases one of the most fan-demanded slice and dice obscurities from the proverbial VHS vaults of throat-cutting carnage - it can only be 1987's BLOOD HARVEST.

Prolific B-movie maverick Bill Rebane (THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION) opted for some contemporary 'real world' horror carnage and caught wind of the slice and dice craze with his classic BLOOD HARVEST (1987). Unleashed at a time when the slasher movie was awash with sequels, BLOOD HARVEST stood out thanks to a lunatic performance from Tiny Tim (the legendary American television personality who offers up a creepy and instantly-cult sing-song scene as well). Featuring a masked man on the rampage, twists and turns that will keep you glued to the gore and a final reel that packs in plenty of sadism and shocks, BLOOD HARVEST gets its HD worldwide premiere from the celluloid plasma-addicts at 88 Films!!!

Never even seen in the UK on DVD, BLOOD HARVEST had a brief bow on British videotape before sinking into unfortunate obscurity. Yet, for many years Tiny Tim followers and addicts of the golden eighties age of knife-play mayhem have clamoured to see this all-time cult classic on BluRay. Of course, only the claret-cuddling horror buffs at 88 Films could answer that call and we are proud to give BLOOD HARVEST an extras-packed special edition as it fits into our legendary and best-selling 'Slasher Classics' collection as number 34. Genuinely creepy, with an understated macabre and perverse atmosphere, and packing just enough plasma-spillage to satisfy the FRIDAY THE 13TH crowd, BLOOD HARVEST is a gut-wrenching gem just waiting to be rediscovered. Pre-orders from the 88 Films web site will gain an exclusive slipcase and be guaranteed the inclusion of a collector's booklet from Calum Waddell and Justin Martell.

But wait... there is even more!

88 Films has teamed up with director Bill Rebane, a legend of B-cinema whose credits also include MONSTER A-GO-GO (1965), THE CAPTURE OF BIGFOOT (1979) and RANA: THE LEGEND OF SHADOW LAKE (1981). Rebane was also one of the producers on the 88 Films released THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR (1983), which stars screen legend Donald Pleasence and which was directed by the late Ulli Lommel. To request interview time with Mr. Rebane, and questions can be answered via email, please get in touch with Calum Waddell at the email clearly stating your outlet.

Full Specs for BLOOD HARVEST:

- Includes website exclusive Slipcase when ordered from
- HD Transfer from Director's Original 16mm Vault Materials
- Uncompressed Stereo Audio
- Optional English Subtitles
- Tiny Tim in Niagara Falls Sept. 3, 1987
- "Behind the Scene of Blood Harvest" - Featuring on-set footage and interviews with Tiny Tim and Director Bill Rebane
- Tiny Tim's Wrap Party Performance
- Alternative "Nightmare" Opening Credits Sequence
- Booklet Notes by Justin Martell and Calum Waddell (First Pressing Only)
- Reversible Sleeve with alternate Non-Slasher Collection Artwork

Region Code: B
Picture Format: HD 1.33:1
Audio Format: LPCM Stereo
Language: English
Certification: TBC
Running Time: 88 Mins Approx

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