Thursday, August 16, 2018


Straight from the VinSyn newletter: 

It‘s time to officially announce our September lineup - available for preorder now at!

Unlike August, which is a love letter to the waning days of the Nixon era, September is all about variety (well, different types of movies involving killing).

First, Philip Brophy‘s early 90‘s Aussie slime-fest, BODY MELT, makes its overdue North American Bu-ray debut, featuring a stunning, all new, never-before-seen (unless you were at the theatrical premier last month in Montreal) restoration sourced from the original camera negative. You‘ve never seen BODY MELT looking like this and our disc is the only way you can see it. We‘ve also got a bunch of newly produced extras to make it the ultimate BODY MELT package.

Moving on to slime of a different kind (or is it scum?), James Riffel‘s celebration of yuppie killing (and yuppie zombies), THE HOUSE ON TOMBSTONE HILL (which was first released as THE DEAD COME HOME, but best known as DEAD DUDES IN THE HOUSE (sigh)…), is coming to Blu-ray and also newly restored from its original negative. If you remember it being a murky sea of darkness, you‘ll no doubt be amazed by what we have in store…

Lastly on Blu-ray, one of the finest pieces of hardcore filmmaking, probably ever, Gerard Damiano‘s pitch perfect saga of sadness, loneliness, and sexual repression (with some good catholic guilt stuff to round things out), MEMORIES WITHIN MISS AGGIE. If you‘ve never seen it, be wary of what you read on it, lest spoiling its genuinely unsettling twist. It‘s quite a visual gut-punch.

Then on DVD, a duo of extreme rarities from smut master, Shaun Costello, with the silly SENSUOUS FLY GIRLS and the surprisingly downbeat SCHOOL GIRL REUNION.

Lastly, can you survive two more warped sleaze epics from Ray Dennis Steckler? If so, then indulge in THE SEXORCIST [DEVIL] and DEVIATES IN LOVE. 

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