Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TLA Cult Awards 2013 Winners Announced

Congratulations to all the winners, some great titles and Horror Society is a great site!

TLA Cult Awards 2013 Winners Announced

The Bunny Game, Father’s Day and Where the Dead Go to Die Win in Multiple Categories

Friends, fans, customers and seriously twisted minds voted and the winners were just announced for the self-described MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE AWARDS OF ALL TIME, hosted onTLACult.com (tlacult.com) TLACult is the cult, horror and exploitation arm of legendary Philadelphia based online home entertainment retailer TLAvideo.com (tlavideo.com), celebrating the best cult, horror, underground and arthouse DVD releases of 2012 in the legendary DVD-peddler’s trademark twisted, irreverent style.

Full details on all the winners can be found here: http://www.tlavideo.com/cult-awards/a-7

Nominees were selected by members of TLA’s editorial and purchasing staff and were limited to DVD and Blu-ray releases from 2012. TLA also has a category, Best Website/Blog/Podcast/Whatever, that honors bloggers and other web personalities who help celebrate underground cinema and help keep cult movies alive.

“It was another great year in our weird little corner of the movie universe. But now the fans have spoken and chosen their favorites. It all comes down to get out the vote efforts on the parts of the nominees and clearly Where the Dead Go to DieFather’s Day and The Bunny Game have some seriously devoted fans. We just hope these awards inspire the nominees and their fans to keep making and writing about ballsy, boundary-breaking cult, horror and grindhouse movies.” said Dan Reed, Managing Editor of TLACult.com.

The complete list of 2013 TLA Cult Awards winners are:
The TLA Cult Super Awesome Culty Ward – Best Overall: Where the Dead Go to Die
Best Grindhouse/Exploitation DVDBig Tits Zombie
Best Horror DVDFather’s Day
Best Box Set/Combo Pack: Midnight Movies Vol 1: Horror Triple Feature
Best Sexy Arthouse Flick: Melancholia
Best Mainstream Genre Flick: The Cabin in the Woods
Best Movie Where People Do Sex Stuff for Real: The Bunny Game
Best Grindhouse/Throwback: Father’s Day
Best Mindfuck: Where the Dead Go to Die
Sickest Flick: The Bunny Game
Best “Thank God It’s Back In-Print”: Re-Animator
Best Website/Blog/Podcast/Whatever:  Horror Society