Tuesday, December 2, 2014

COLLAR (2014)

COLLAR (2014)
Label: unearthed Films
Region Code: 1 NTSC
Rating: Unrated
Duration: 77 Minutes
Audio: English Dolby Digital 4.0
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1)
Director: Ryan Nicholson
Cast: Nick Principe, Momona Komagata, Ronald Patrick Thompson, Aidan Dee, Wolfgang Meyer, Mackenzie Murdock

Welcome to depraved world of Vancouver-based director Ryan Nicholson and his latest effort COLLAR (2014). Set in a rather ugly place inhabited by an enormous homeless man named Massive (Nick Principe) who prowls the streets pushing along a shopping cart decorated with a duct tape pentagram - not a person to be be messed with.

As the streets go dark the neighborhood scum come out in force, those unfortunate enough to cross Massive's path don't usually live long enough to regret it - unless you happen to be a woman - in that case he chains you with a dog collar and repeatedly rapes you. A prostitute in the wrong place at the wrong time encounters Massive who does just that. All the while a pair of opportunistic dirt bags capture the assault on camera and do nothing to help. These two have graduated from funding bum fights to documenting Massive's seemingly unstoppable crimes spree with dreams of somehow making it big with their footage. 

The whore is spared death when a drunken bum stumbles upon the scene, she escapes while Massive destroys the bum before eating his heart - that's right, not just a Satanic murderer, he is also a cannibal. Swearing revenge the whore returns with her pimp with hopes of putting a hurting on the Devil worshiping bum - a big mistake. Also on the scene are a pair of cops investigating an assault who themselves fall prey to unstoppable cannibal. What we end up with is a small group of people converging onto the neighborhood and the ensuing string of ultra-violent rape and murders. Massive has quite an appetite for violence and fortunately for him - and unfortunate for everyone else - there's no shortage of fresh meat for pleasure and eating. 

Fans of story driven horror probably aren't going to get a lot from this but the gore hounds and lovers of depraved filth are in for a treat with generous amounts of uncomfortable nudity, ultra-violence and bloody practical effects. Never one to pull away from a good gore gag Nicholson offers up a series of truly gruesome carnage with jaws and heads ripped-off, a brutal broken-bottle neck stabbing and a whole lot of unsavory stuff thrown-up on the screen including a sweet back-breaker wrestling move with a intestine spewing finish.

Not a lot of character or story building here but there is a cast of colorfully disgusting characters to watch be defiled and destroyed. We do get a glimpse into the past of Massive who was sexually abused by a priest in his youth and would appear to suffer from a mental illness of some sort. While the rapist/murderer is not exactly a sympathetic character Principe does convey some true emotion through the mute character using body language and facial expression when he's not brutalizing one victim after another.  

A damn fine looking film with solid cinematography that captures the gritty aesthetic with some small amount of polish but you can almost smell the piss the air when watching it. Adding to the atmosphere is a very cool dark electronic score from PROTECTOR 101 whom offer up a fantastic main title theme with a vintage John Carpenter vibe. 

Director Ryan Nicholson has created a nasty treat for the exploitation fans with a steady stream of offensive and gruesome imagery ripe with cannibalism and rape. This mean-spirited film is probably not for the average horror fan but a definite recommend for fans of low-budget exploitation along the lines of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, STREET TRASH and RUN! BITCH RUN!

There is currently a INDIEGOGO campaign to fund the sequel to director Ryan Nicholson's slasher film GUTTERBALLS - check it out HERE