Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Label: Cult Epics
Release Date: January 13, 2015
Rating: Unrated
Duration: 75 Minutes
Video: Fullscreen Aspect Ratio (1.33:1)
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 
Director: Nico B
Cast: Claire Sinclaire, Bunny Yeager 

The Erotica Channel presents the CLAIRE SINCLAIR SHOW hosted by Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, Bettie Page clothing spokes model, and the Star of the Las Vegas show PIN UP. The first Two episodes features “CLAIRE ON CLAIRE”, everything you wanted to know about Claire and BUNNY YEAGER’S “LAST SITTING” in which Claire interviews and is being photographed by the original Bettie Page photographer Bunny Yeager, in her last shoot and on camera interview.

"Claire on Claire" (23 Minutes) features the pin-up star interviewing herself, which is a pretty novel idea and fun. She goes into her early life growing up in the "ratchet areas" of California and how she ended up coming into pin-up modelling and becoming a Playboy Playmate and landing her own show on the Vegas strip before becoming the spokes model for the Bettie Page clothing line. She describes life at the Playboy Mansion as pretty much a country club for older men, way to ruin the illusion! The episode closes with some fun outtakes and flubs from the filming of the episode. 

The second episode is "Bunny Yeager's Last Sitting" (25 Minutes) featuring Claire Sinclair pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager who worked with Bettie Page creating some of the most iconic shots of the pin-up queen. Unfortunately it's marred by some bad audio recorded in a gallery with the sound bouncing of the walls and echoing. The episode is extended and features more of the tasty HD Nude Shoot not seen during the original broadcast on The Erotic Channel. 

The episode is spliced with footage from what turns out to be Bunny Yeager's last nude photo shoot with Claire Sinclair prior to her death earlier this year. The behind-the-scene video is presented in both HD and a grainier super 8mm footage shot by Nico B.. These are my favorite shots of Sinclair, love the grainy retro aesthetic of the images and she has quite a body, pin-up perfection.  There's a very cool rockabilly guitar score from Danny B. Harvey who in recent years has played with Wanda Jackson and Nancy Sinatra, it's pretty damn good, check him out at www.dannybharvey.com

During the interviews Bunny speaks about creating Bettie Page's wardrobe for the classic shots, the resurgence and influence of her photography with Page, Sinclair is maybe not the best interviewer but she's a a genuine fan and it shows through. 

Bonus features on the disc include the Original Super 8 films with Bunny and Claire Sinclair shot by Nico B., the grainy super 8mm footage gives the entire thing a vintage patina and it looks great - though  must say that the  HD short footage captures her porcelain skin quite nicely, which is something lost on the 8mm footage. 

There are also two Claire Sinclair introductions for the Erotic Channel showings of the films BETTIE PAGE BONDAGE QUEEN (2 Minutes)  and VIVA (3 Minutes) 

- Original Super 8 films with Bunny & Claire shot by Nico B (7 Minutes)
- The Erotica Channel Introduction for BETTIE PAGE BONDAGE QUEEN (2 Minutes)
by Claire 
- The Erotica Channel Introduction for VIVA (3 Minutes) by Claire 
- Uncensored HD Nude Shoot with Claire and Bunny

Coming into this I had no idea who Claire Sinclair was and I found it to be pretty entertaining watch and while the Bunny Yeager interview was light on substance and marred by poor audio I found the Nico B. super 8mm footage of the shoot to be quite a treat. Not a lot of substance here but I found Claire Sinclair to be quite easy on the eyes and not difficult to endure in the least, a very sexy lady and if you're a fan of contemporary pin-up this could be a fun watch.