Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The infamous and legendary CAT III atrocity in its full uncut form from the 2K master, DR. LAMB (1992) is coming from Unearthed Films in 2022!

DR. LAMB (1992)

Stay tuned for the world premier of the never-before-seen trailer, final artwork, and enough extras to shake a stick at!

A mentally disturbed taxi driver lusts for blood every rainy night, and several young women are brutally murdered. He likes to take photos of the victims' dismembered bodies as his special mementos after has sex with their corpses and stores the severed breasts in pickle jars. Inspector Lee is called onto the case in this bizarre, nasty, and notorious CAT III film.

"Dr. Lamb is a slick, and sick, exploitation item that both repels the viewer with its images of disturbing violence, in addition to tickling them with repulsive black humor à la early John Waters. Be warned: this trashy shocker's Category III rating is very well deserved, and its sordid landscape of confrontational violence and sexual dysfunction is a real downer and likely to haunt your mind for longer than you want it to."

"Dr. Lamb is a classic of the Category III genre, and one of its most influential and trailblazing films, helping to establish the template that so many of its subsequent rip-offs would slavishly adhere to. Dr. Lamb focuses on a series of killings in 1982 by Lam Kor-wan, or ‘The Rainy Night Butcher” as he was dubbed by the Chinese press, a night shift taxi driver who murdered a number of women and subjected their bodies subjected to hideous post-mortem abuses."

"Only in a murderous mood when it rains, Yam cruises in his night shift taxi of death, presumably doing his normal work in between. His prowls are presented not unlike Taxi Driver. Lots of rear view mirror shots, with visions of wet neon streets and drunks lurching from bar to bar as giant Marlboro signs glow overhead. The personification of a Hong Kong demented cinematic killer, Simon Yam presents Lam Gor-Yu as a chilling, damaged shithead with a taste for necrophilia and fondling his niece whilst photographing himself doing it all. Despite the horrendous subject matter Yam carries a cinematic glow that makes him utterly compelling to watch. Other examples would be De Niro in Cape Fear, playing an utter mental yet having this fascinating magnetic pull, sucking the viewer in, even as Yam props up a dead girl and plays park the sausage."

Danny Lee, Billy Hin-Shing Tang

Kam-Fai Law (Untold Story)

Danny Lee (Untold Story, City of Fire, The Killer)
Simon Yam (Ip Man, 1,2 &3, Naked Killer, Full Contact, Hitman)
Kent Cheng (Untold Story, Once upon a Time in China, Sex & Zen)
Emily Kwan (Untold Story, Full Alert, Human Pork Chop)